Gary and Elena

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Gary and Elena

Postby Elena » Fri Dec 02, 2011 2:40 am

Elena Nezhinsky
‎Gary Dempster, welcome! Look what is I for you, and let me know. Look right now and write what is that you call "I"Like · · Unfollow Post · 37 minutes ago

Gary Dempster hahaha!! something extremely funny and amusing, that had been misunderstood for a good long time! what a trouble maker, this i character! just reading these dialogues seems to have prompted some kind of a magical shift, and now there is just life expressing itself through these sweaty fingers, and it is all very enjoyable. it can't be that simple can it?
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Elena Nezhinsky Is there you in any shape or form in the reality?
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Gary Dempster hmm. at this moment - well there is this body, that has a shape. there are feelings and sensations. there are thoughts, expectations, things seen through the eyes, memories. the feeling of 'me' cannot be pinpointed, it is inside, outside, everywhere and nowhere. it seems to be a spontaneous moment to moment happening - like a biological party. it is inutterably beautiful in a way that i never noticed before now!
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Elena Nezhinsky where the me disappear? Where it was before?
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Gary Dempster that's a damn good question! there is like... this sense of "ownership" that seems to mostly focus as a tensing in the stomach and chest area, that goes along with a mental conception that there is a "me" that needs to be defended! but now it just seems like a phantom, a habit or something that only survived by never really being looked at directly. and all those years of self-enquiry, meditation, etc. how could it have been overlooked? it is just feelings, and thoughts that are believed. with those being seen and relaxed, it is exactly the same as before, except that now it is just there, and 'i' am aware of it, as like naked sensation. mysterious, and yet so solid and stable, "it" doesn't need "me" to function.
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Elena Nezhinsky when baby is in the crib opens its eyes - there is this naked sensation of the body alive - cold, hot, hanger, breeze of the air on the skin - pure sensations. Naked, raw feeling. Baby does not have the label, why it is needed? Lable just points to the experience. If we do not need to reference experience, then lable has not need to be there. Just for convenience to reference.
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Elena Nezhinsky Sensation that is solid and stable, of "I" is exist. "I" - don't. True?
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Gary Dempster yes! exactly! i am utterly in shock that this was not seen until today - how? i dont know. i feel like a prisoner that just found out that the key to the cell door was just there, and i never looked. now i'm out of the prison, wondering when the guards are going to shoot me. but i was both the prisoner, and cell, and the guard - so i can let myself just "be" now and it's ok.
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Elena Nezhinsky Can you point what exactly made you see? What wording opened the gate for you?
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Elena Nezhinsky what was instrumental in your seeing?
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Gary Dempster ‎"it" happened about 2 hours ago, from reading this page and also the website, the testimony of erik putkonen. um, i just looked at myself, really intensely, in this present moment, and saw that there was no 'me' that was really here, it was just an idea... and yet, i am still here! and i said to myself, no, it cannot be this easy. but then, in that same moment, i saw that there was only this conception, that there was some "i" that needed to struggle to be liberated from the ego - and that this ego was only the idea that there was a person there who needed to struggle! like a hall of mirrors. and then i looked at myself, into myself, and just felt , 'its ok you can must 'be''. and since then, to now, i feel relaxed and free, even though nothing whatsoever has changed, except letting go of the idea that there is any 'me' here that has to struggle or be defended.
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Elena Nezhinsky wonderful! Enjoy your day, Gary. Please come and help others to see this simple truth. This is really time of awakening, do you feel it? Amazing.

Gary Dempster
yes thank you dearest Elena! yes i feel it! how can it be, that on this day, 11-11-11, i see this. it is beautiful, but also simple and humble. it seems impossibly simple, but yet, here it is. it is indeed the time of awakening, the hour of 'now' strikes forever in the heart, we are the clock, the hands, the striking of the hour, and what hears the sound. how awesome! i don't know if i can help anyone, or even if i am beyond the need of more help myself lol! but of course anything that can possibly be done, i am happy to share or help.

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