A global movement dedicated to helping you free your mind from the illusion of a separate self. Our volunteer guides are here to show you the way.

Do you exist?

It is a strange question and it’s not something we normally ask. But what if the answer is no, there is no ‘you’. There is no separate self in the way it’s thought to exist. Would you have the courage and curiosity to find out for yourself?

Liberation Unleashed is…

  • here to help you see through the illusion of a separate self;
  • a global internet-based community. Everyone is welcome to join;
  • an ever-growing movement of volunteer guides, here to Point you to no self.

All we do here is point. If you are a long-time seeker, or just curious about this, we invite you to investigate and explore what no self really is. This service is available to everyone, for free. Join the forum and request a guide if and when you are ready to see this for yourself. We use the Direct Pointing method, which consists of a dialogue between a guide and a seeker.

This is a process of looking at what IS; no prior knowledge or years of seeking are required. The guide poses very specific questions in order to focus the attention on the experience of the present moment. This triggers what we refer to as ‘crossing the Gateless Gate’: an instant in which the illusion of a separate self is seen through. A shift in perception happens.

We guide because we are a community that openly and freely shares what we have been given by others that did the same for us. We guide because we believe that questioning assumptions leads to freedom. You only need to bring your honesty and curiosity. We ask nothing from you except your willingness to Look. Liberation Unleashed is not…


What does it take to SEE?
Why See No-Self

Liberation Unleashed
Liberation Unleashed