Rohit and Mason

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Rohit and Mason

Postby Rohit » Tue Oct 09, 2012 11:10 am

Mason Is it possible that some people will not see this, even if they keep trying to look? Does it require years of studying the stuff and being interested in it? Or is it enough to have experienced enough pain? What ARE the "requirements"?
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Rohit what do you expect to happen?
October 5 at 3:39pm · Like

Mason no no, I mean, if I am trying to help someone see this...I read the 1000$ well spent blog and it just happened in the middle of a sentence
October 5 at 3:44pm · Like

Rohit So, what happened? What are you seeing now that you didn't see before?
October 5 at 3:45pm · Like

Mason There is not an I attached to everything, everything just is...I can't say exactly what has changed, actually I have no words for it, but I have a much easier time meditating and repetitive thoughts have diminshed dramatically because it is just a machine fighting itself, all observation is part of thought...but one thing I am having some difficulty with...if everything just is, what sense does it make to observe, to be aware? being aware is also part of thought, no? I sat in a cemetery, there was no more seer and the seen, all is part of it...I felt lost but in a new kind of way, usually when I was lost, I was lost in thought, but now there is only being lost in everything...when I dont even remember that I exist....does it reconcile with being aware and observing, etc? I think maybe I just need some clarification on this
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Rohit What is it that is aware of Awareness? Is it a thought or feeling, or neither? Can it be present without thoughts or feelings? Can thoughts or feelings be present without it? Now look around you and see whether "external" objects can exist without your awareness of them. If they cannot, what does that imply about these objects? What does that imply about you?
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Mason I don't understand the last two questions. English is not my first language.
October 5 at 4:04pm · Like

Mason Aware of awareness, it also is part of it...because you can go further out and keep observing on a higher level
October 5 at 4:05pm · Like

Rohit are YOU observing? how do you do that?
October 5 at 4:07pm · Like

Mason no, it is all part of the same...thought
October 5 at 4:07pm · Like

Rohit What is aware? What does consciousness happen to? Something, or nothing?
October 5 at 4:08pm · Like

Mason so what is the point of being aware if being aware is also part of it?
October 5 at 4:08pm · Like

Mason being aware means observing
October 5 at 4:09pm · Like

Rohit There is thought. And there is awareness. Awareness is not controlled by thought. Thought is a result of awareness. Do you really need to tell yourself to be aware? Or are you just aware?
October 5 at 4:11pm · Like

Mason awareness labels starts bringing in this "I" into everything when it is completely unnecessary
October 5 at 4:12pm · Like

Mason ahh wait, no it is still thought that labels
October 5 at 4:13pm · Like

Mason so in this awareness thought still happens
October 5 at 4:14pm · Like

Rohit yes, everything just happens, but is there a you?
October 5 at 4:16pm · Like

Mason I have to literally SAY, observe
October 5 at 4:16pm · Like

Mason for awareness to happen
October 5 at 4:16pm · Like

Mason that is why I am saying, what is the point of being aware, if awareness only brings thoughts about being aware of everything, to observe...unfortunetaly it doesnt stop at starts why be aware?
October 5 at 4:19pm · Like

Rohit can you find this "I" that is being aware?
Sometimes people can trick themselves, dismissing the self or I, but really they have only abandoned the words or concepts, and have established an identity somewhere else. It's a trick. Keep looking for the source or base of your I and report what you find
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Mason I that is being aware doesn't why be aware of something that doesn't exist.. when life lives, it lives...when observation and awareness happens, an illusory "I" is knocked off the ground, but it comes in for a while when being "aware"
October 5 at 4:24pm · Like

Mason that is why I am confused by "being aware" like Tolle says, and letting life live itself without an I....the I is hiding in the awareness? I don't quite understand this
October 5 at 4:26pm · Like

Rohit "I" is simply a label you have been using to interact with the outside world. What do you think you are?
October 5 at 4:27pm · Like

Rohit Awareness is always there. But what you are trying to do by getting back to that 'awareness' is trying to achieve a state of no-thoughts. Absence of thoughts is not 'awakening'. There are thoughts, there are emotions, there is awareness aware of thoughts and emotions.... where are YOU? Check this assumption of a YOU to be in existence. YOU are nothing. Not Awareness or thoughts. YOU don't exist. At all.
October 5 at 4:30pm · Like

Mason I don't exist...but why be aware then??
October 5 at 4:31pm · Like

Rohit If there is no YOU, is it YOUR concern?
October 5 at 4:32pm · Like

Mason I am just trying to understand does other spirituality make sense if being aware is all they talk about?
October 5 at 4:33pm · Like

Mason when being aware brings a sense of I and everything else...a looker
October 5 at 4:33pm · Like

Mason the looker is also part of the same, so what is the point of being aware?
October 5 at 4:34pm · Like

Rohit Don't believe what anyone says, have YOU experienced awareness? what is the contradiction in this question? What you consider the looker, is a thought. What is causing that thought? there is nothing you can do to be aware, is it true?
October 5 at 4:39pm · Like

Rohit You THINK you're being aware when in fact it is just awareness taking place, there is no you choosing to be aware causing awareness, there is no you. You imagine there is but there is not. There are thoughts about a self but they are just thoughts.
October 5 at 4:42pm · Like

Mason YES, it is true, I can do nothing to be aware. It just happens. So the I that attaches to the awareness is just a thought. But why "try" to observe then? Why observe anything? The observer is also part of the observed
October 5 at 4:46pm · Like

Rohit observation is happening, and it's not happening because of a you or an I or a me or a my. It's just life and all it's processes going on, doing its thing. what is trying to observe?
October 5 at 4:52pm · Like

Rohit If there seems to be an observer observing, there must be an awareness that is aware of the observer. Now, ask, What is it that is aware of this observer? and then look
October 5 at 4:53pm · Like

Mason that which is aware of the observer is also part of it...there is no separate entity
October 5 at 5:13pm · Like

Rohit is it true?
October 5 at 5:15pm · Like

Mason yes
October 5 at 5:25pm · Like

Rohit why?
October 5 at 5:29pm via mobile · Like

Mason trying to answer this question, but I can't make sense of it
October 5 at 5:41pm · Like

Mason it just makes sense that the awareness is also a part of it, that is a thought the old question still stands, why be aware if awareness just happens? why the need for observation?
October 5 at 5:43pm · Like

Mason there is just no need, so why is the mantra everywhere, be aware, it only until liberation? doesn't make sense
October 5 at 5:44pm · Like

Rohit what is that knows whether or not you are liberated? :)
October 5 at 5:58pm via mobile · Like

Mason there is no attachment to thought.
October 5 at 7:53pm · Edited · Like

Mason The question cannot be computed...why? I just remember something profound happening while reading the book...a shift and release of attachment...but you are saying I am still trapped?
October 5 at 8:02pm · Like

Mason I don't feel trapped or in conflict...the only thing that doesn't make sense is the question I posed in the beginning.
October 5 at 8:05pm · Like

Rohit no, i never said you were trapped. Anyways, Is there a 'me', at all, anywhere, in any way,
shape or form? Was there ever? how about
self, is there anything that is separate from
everything else?
October 5 at 8:19pm via mobile · Like

Mason no there never was....nothing to find...anywhere.
October 5 at 9:10pm · Like

Rohit Explain in detail what the illusion of
separate self is, when it starts and how it
works. Will be back later. Going to bed:)
October 5 at 10:58pm via mobile · Like

Rohit Mason , how is it going?
Saturday at 9:52am · Like

Rohit How does it feel to see this? describe in detail.

How would you describe it to somebody who has never heard about this illusion but is curious about it.

What was the last bit that pushed you over, made you look? was there a specific moment when seeing happened or was it gradual? what exactly happened?
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Mason What does it feel like?

It feels as if life is just unfolding.

Everything is much more alive, meaning when something is looked at, it is not immediately labeled as good or bad. Even the question to look at this self seems stupid doesn't exist, so what is there to look at? It is and has been an illusion all along.

What made me tip over?

Just reading the texts suddenly there was a realization that all this trying to "find oneself" is a game, and part of the same game, thoughts, ego. There is no need look at things through an "I", looking just happens by itself without any effort. There is no looker. Things just are, it is the labeling that reduces things.

How I would help someone see this?

I would tell them to look directly at everyday life, see that everything happens automatically, everything is reaction, labeling is occuring all the time. That which labels is not "me". There is no "little me" which struggles, the "little me" hiding somewhere, doesn't exist. When you try to find it, it is not there, the game is rigged, it is a trick. See the trick.

Try to find this "I". Seeing that there are reactions and labeling, keep trying to find this "I". Just see that you are looking at your thoughts. Then look at the one who is looking at the thoughts. You can continue doing this, keep observing the observer ad infinitum. Is the one who is doing the observing, not also part of the same?

There is nothing there to be found. It is all just reactions and labeling.

That which is trying to find it, is it not also part of it?

Those are some of the questions I would ask.
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Rohit hi mason, can you please answer the first two questions.
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Rohit Mason
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Mason The illusion of a separate self is a labeling mechanism. Labeling creates a looker.
It starts in childhood when we start learning to differentiate between objects. Thus a subject...See More
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