Rohit and Darshana

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Rohit and Darshana

Postby Rohit » Wed Sep 19, 2012 5:13 pm

Rohit Hi Darshana , welcome to LU. Please introduce yourself.
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Darshana Hello everyone, I am Darshana. Enquiry has been pivotal in seeing there is no such thing as me. However at times out of habit I follow the idea of me. I started to read the Gateless Guate and it felt very natural. A lot of heaviness lifted and I am here to be with a group that is supporting this seeing. Thank you for adding me ♥
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Rohit cool... let us know how we can help you?
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Rohit Darshana Ji
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Darshana Hi Rohit, I feel i am at a cross road in life with so many things falling away . there is an effortless contentment yet I have no energy to keep continuing teaching French on a part time basis which was supporting the therapy work I do which is not always stable. in both cases i find myself unable to promote my French work or even when i try . it is a flop because there is no energy in my Heart to do it. Even in the falling away of work and of most of the people close to me in life moving away due to relocation due to work or marriage there is peace. I see that is i start counting and forecasting my finances i terrorise myself by believing thoughts etc then i see it is a thought and i relax again. so in the moment of panic, i call schools and take steps etc.. thn a few hours later, there is only peace and no oompf to get more work and a deep trust in the inner Silence that all is taken care of. i also see when i relax that work comes in on its own out of the blue. Almost like life showing that all is well and to keep quiet. So the falling away of things brings agitation .. thank you for your help ♥
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Rohit Life is happening, and it's not happening because of a you or an I or a me or a self. It's just life, going on, doing its thing. All I can do here is give you questions and The work is yours to do. Please spend time with each question and answer from your own experience when ready. If answer is not coming, Be honest and write that. Are you ready ? What expectations do you have from becoming Liberated? what do you expect from this conversation ? LOOK at word "SELF". what does it point to?
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Darshana thanks Rohit. i felt you and your post came through !
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Darshana ! ) Am I ready? I don't know. 2) What expectation do I have from becoming liberated ? I see there is a desire to be at peace, never worry, never experience loss, never suffer etc.. i see this is an avoidancce of life as it is. It is a mask . i see that wanting to be liberated is another thought that keeps me searching. i see that the thoughts i want to be liberated is already seen and that which sees it has no problem with liberation or bondage. it is Silent. i see who wants to be liberated and then i see who wants to be liberated and there is no one to be liberated, peaceful, stressed. it is just an idea! lol there is no liberation. wow this is swift like a Samurai!! nothing to do :) just a relaxing. typing on its own...3 ) SELF it points to nothing. Actually it feels inseparable from what I am because i don't begin or end anywhere. Holy smoke !!
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Rohit ok .so, is there a self? why is this true? what is doing existence?
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Darshana not as a separate thing. there is a sense of Existence but not as a specific form.
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Rohit What is sensing this sense of existence?
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Darshana it is happening by itself.
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Darshana the sense of existence, thoughts, feelings etc all arise by themselves
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Darshana Rohit you dropped a grenade!
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Rohit Do you exist? Why?
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Darshana J When I ask this question and i investigate and look for the one who exist, i cannot find her. I look for the location of the one who says Do I exist and there is none, yet i am not dead. I feel very much alive and here. at the moment there are no thoughts at all. it feels that I am life, or there is only life.that is why I exist.
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Darshana There is only Silence from this place nothing exists.
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Rohit LOOK at Feelings, Thoughts, sensations, actions and all other experiences, see if it's really possible that they are really going on without a you? There are thoughts about a self but they are just thoughts. Not your thoughts. There is something. You don't see it though, because you're not looking for it. You're looking for the self, and coming up empty because it's not there. What is there is reality. Take a look at the cause of self where is it?
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Darshana Yes, feelings, sensations in the body, breathing, drinking tea, gurgling in the stomach happens without me, the thought " it's scary also comes up on its own" there are the odd thoughts arising, not many, mostly sensations arise and are seen. There is seeing, hearing, knowingness. It is not personal. Sensations, sounds, thoughts are real and appear in this intelligence. Everything is this is all impersonal.
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Rohit Ok. How are thoughts, feelings and sensations triggered without a you? Is it true?
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Darshana Something gets heard, seen and the brain triggers off, like a mechanical response with an energy knot in the body. It is a response from past experiences which the brain recognises and tries to defend from happening again. In looking in the energy there are colours, memories, thoughts that create a sense of me. In looking through they are images, associated with thoughts and sensations in the body. It all dissolves effortlessly when there is no resistance to the contraction . If I believe the contraction then there is a sense of me. If I withdraw the attention all vanishes.
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Rohit Good. So, what is believing the contraction? And what is withdrawing the attention?
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Darshana There is just withdrawing of attention or attention on the contraction. Rohit, can it be this simple ? Just this?
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Darshana Like Thomas the tank engine and no controller ..
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Rohit Hehe. Yes, this is simple 'there is no you' . any doubts? Anything missing? I am glad you came here ready.
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Darshana Thank you so much Rohit for the one direct pointed questioning . It cut through so many things but there was a real urge and no interest in playing games. I wanted to look for myself afresh . What a Discovery!
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Rohit Derasari Should i ask you final questions, if you are ready?
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Darshana Dear Rohit, this question feels irrelevant . I am not being rude but honest.
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Rohit Derasari Is there a 'me', at all, anywhere, in any way,shape or form? Was there ever? how about self, is there anything that is separate from everything else?
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Darshana No me ever. It is all like before sort of speak but no narrator. Nothing separate. No self. Just this. Something profound has changed and don't know what. Can't find words for it. Just tears of Joy and Gratitude .
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Rohit Explain in detail what the illusion of separate self is, when it starts and how it works.
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Darshana I could tell you what I learnt from various teachers. It for me right now, I would need to find a separate self first and tell you a story. There is just life.
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Rohit How does it feel to see this? describe in detail.
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Darshana I feel all of life . I feel the aliveness of the trees. The typing of the words, Darshana puts her make up on but there is no Darshana as a person. There is make up being put on. There is movement. I am space like. I can feel everything, hear everything but I don't have a specific form yet the body is there. I can't say the body is me either .i am everywhere and nowhere at the same time.
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Rohit How would you describe it to somebody who has never heard about this illusion but is curious about it.
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Darshana I would say , question everything you have learnt about you and about life and see if it true.
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Rohit What was the last bit that pushed you over,made you look? was there a specific moment when seeing happened or was it gradual? what exactly happened?
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Darshana It started 10 years ago with Enquiry with Mooji who has been my main teacher but I had the Gateless Gate book and never read it. The a good Satsang friend of mine from Washington out of the blue called me two days ago out of the blue and she started to speak and I knew she was free. She said Darshana did you read the Gateless book an do said no. She said I did all the questions and it deepened. There is no me etc.l so I started to read and in fact saw that it was powerful and remembered that my friend Bernhart had told me about Liberation unleashed and I joined the this group. I went to sleep last night questioning " do I exist? " there was a real looking. Then the Look at feelings etc and the last final one which I think shifted everything was to see that attention withdraw or draw on its own. Like it was seen in the looking , that there is no one wider awing attention and that had not been seen ever before. There was an assumption of something withdrawing attention . Thank you , thank you for being so unsparing and putting everything on the spot . ♥ Darshana
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Rohit Good:). Will be back soon till then keep looking.
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Darshana Great , in truth there is no 10 years ago. Everything is fresh , every instant. I do not know about yesterday or that anything outside this room exists in this moment. I will keep looking.
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Darshana The question what made you look and what pushed you over kept coming and I see how out of habit we assume that there is someone who looked or was pushed over. Language does that by...See More
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