• The Gate

    Find out how to step through the gateless gate to freedom, then follow the link at the bottom to 7 steps and how to do it at home.
  • Direct Pointing is

    Here is my attempt to describe my work and my own journey of awakening to the truth of who we are….in a very simple way that probably will be re-written many times to make it more clear.
  • Freedom

    We never entertain the idea of being outside the realm of self-centeredness because it’s taken root in us and we are identified with it. So all we can do is therapize and socialize it, so it doesn’t flip out at the next picnic. We just hunker down in the chronic effects of self-centeredness.…
  • Direct Pointing vs “Who AM I?”

    Have you ever been approached by someone who has heard about Liberation Unleashed’s success of waking up people, but has no idea what this direct pointing is about, and if he/she is from non-duality/advaita world, you pretty fast start to hit the wall of “consciousness, “awareness, “who am I?” sort of…
  • Dear Seeker, It's Never Easy to Write This...

    I’m not sure how many ways I can tell you this, and so most times I just have to repeat myself. You don’t listen. Thoughts crowd out the very ability to listen to direction.
  • Direct Experience

    In this article, Neil Jalaldeen encourages to test the untested assumption of the separate self with respect to direct experiential evidence, here and now.
  • The Emptiness Teachings

    In this article Greg Goode, a philosopher, consultant and author, introduces The Emptiness Teachings. If you’d like to know how to end all suffering and live life full of joy and compassion, here is an invitation to explore.
  • Classical Liberation

    See how this approach to liberation dovetails with the classic teachings of the Buddha.
  • Where Is The “I”? Where does it come from?

    One of the most powerful approaches for awakening is doing what is called self-inquiry. This simple, “natural”, approach has occurred to many people in many cultures over time.
  • Integrating View and Experience

    I like something about the Liberation Unleashed and the former Ruthless Truth approach to realization: it aims to investigate and realize the truth of no-self in the most direct straight-forward manner by investigating and challenging the existence of ‘you’. A rather similar form inquiry into…
  • After The Fall

    If you will allow me to use language freely….These days, it seems that more and more people are experiencing shifts in perception or initial realizations of Oneness or no self, much like a satori experience in Zen. The seeing or event isn’t always accompanied by bells and whistles. It…
  • The Death Illusion

    Humans tend to regard themselves as supreme by nature, in contrast to what is generally viewed as a primitive world. Our lives are virtually encased in a sense of divinity, assumed to distinguish us from everything else.
  • Our “Vivid Alertness”

    Our “vivid alertness”, is completely unfindable and has no trace of being a personal self. It has no personal qualities about it at all. Here is the problem and the solution for a mind in imagined separation…
  • The Five Principles of Realization and Liberation

    The first principle is becoming aware of our thoughts and the nature of thought. By taking the position of just being an observer of the thoughts and images that come and go we discover all thoughts are the same: they are temporary appearances that come and go like clouds in the sky. Give no…
  • Over the Edge

    When truth is lost from its foundation, the human mind starts a longing search for knowledge that can bring it back. This search brings discussions, and by various means fragments are sampled and dealt with in thought and language. Though it’s sometimes found, and though some scriptures point…
  • Peace and Happiness

    Magdi (Em Be on Facebook) leads non duality meditations, satsangs and skype consultations. He lives outside of of Washington DC.
  • Nothing Hidden

    Joey Lott thoroughly addresses and deconstructs the Search and the Identity that is inextricably linked to it.
  • What is awareness?

    Göran Backlund explores the common-sense belief that Awareness is the seer behind seeing. Göran is a philosopher, explorer of truth, and cartographer of reality.
  • Awakening Vs Liberation

    In this controversial piece, Ed Muzika challenges the dogma of unthinking reverence toward the great sages. He also brilliantly demonstrates that fawning adulation of these men is one of the most implacable obstacles to freedom.
  • Voir ce qui est, OK, mais Qui voit ? (French)

    Nous utilisons ici le verbe "voir" dans le sens de percevoir directement, non-conceptuellement. Dans ce sens là, il s'oppose donc au fait de penser. En d'autres termes, voir et penser sont deux processus s'excluant mutuellement en un même instant.

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Liberation Unleashed