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  • Interview with Jadzia

    "Allow everything, each and every thought, feeling, emotion, sensation. All has a right to be there, all and everything wants to be seen, lovingly seen and embraced."
  • Interview with Nour

    "I wish that all “human beings” see that there is no entity living separate of the Life. This will put an end to conflicts between thoughts, “persons” and nations."
  • Interview with Vivien Novak

    "This was a fleeting realization, but it left a deep recognition that there is a different way to live than constantly being immersed in the artificial thinking-world."
  • Interview with Bill

    "The simplicity of it was seen… no me. No self. Just life – as it is."
  • LU interview with guide John

    “The biggest change has been how being ever more conscious has led to an ever greater participation with life, of life - a complete revelation and joy.”
  • LU interview with guide Adil

    “​​​​​​​A teacher teaches concepts. A guide points. Guiding on LU as I see, is pointing for uninstalling concepts and beliefs blocking the way of clear seeing. We ask questions instead of giving answers in LU, so it makes one LOOK instead of learning anything new.”
  • LU interview with guide Kay

    The story behind Kay, where she lives, what she does, her path before LU, advice before and after realization, common expectations and misconceptions when guiding, and much more.
  • Video interview with LU guide Jon

    This conversation meets you with Jon, a guide in Liberation Unleashed. What is the story behind the name Jon? Where does he live, what does he do, what music does he listen to, does he have a hobby? How did the search begin, what was wrong? What is it that happens in all these thousands of conversations in Liberation Unleashed? Why a guide and not a teacher? And much…
  • LU interview with guide Kento

    In this interview with LU guide Kento by Luchana Uzunova we learn about his path before LU, his thoughts on the Liberation Unleashed process, why a guide and not a teacher, advice for those that have completed the LU process, and much more.
  • Dr. Julie interviews Ilona Ciunaite

    Break through the illusion with Ilona Ciunaite. Listen to the audio interview podcast (MP3).

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