Started to question whether the observer is real.

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Re: Started to question whether the observer is real.

Postby Vivien » Sun May 24, 2020 4:09 am

Hi Karla,
At first it seems like there is I/Karla thinking but on closer look there are thoughts about me or with an “I”.
Nice. Please look at this again.

Is there a Karla thinking, or thinking ABOUT Karla is just happening?
[often times I am confused with how to proceed with the inquiry when I feel contractions/bodily sensations, should I just watch it or should I be focusing on anything else?].
If the sensations are that strong that constantly draw attention, then you can stay with them. You don’t have to do anything with them. Don’t try to manipulate or change them, just let them be.
But if they are not too intense, then let them run in the background while you continue with looking.
However, honestly I still believe that these thoughts are happening/arising within “internally” althought I can’t pinpoint where exactly does these thoughts occur. I believe this because I can’t hear other people’s thoughts, hence the assumption that these thoughts are happening “internally” and bounded within the confine of my body. :{]
Your reasoning is intellectual. You believe something you are thinking about.

Seeing through the self won’t give you magic powers of hearing others’ thoughts.
Seeing no self is about seeing that there is no self at all, neither in others nor in this body called me.
No hearer or thinker of thoughts at all. Thoughts happen, but no one is hearing them.
the assumption that these thoughts are happening “internally” and bounded within the confine of my body. :{]
OK, this is an assumption. So let’s check the validity of this thought. The way you can check if thoughts are telling the truth is by examining experience and noticing what is actually going on compare to what thoughts are telling.

Is the body a container where a person is contained inside?

Close your eyes, and try to find the ‘confine of the body’.
But be careful not fall into imagination, but rather EXPERIENCE by feeling the ‘confine of the body’.

So where is the confinement, where is the boundary?
Is there an experience of a container? Or there are only sensations happening?

Are there three types of sensations?
- One sensation for the container (body,
- and another sensation for the ‘internally” which is inside the first one, the container sensation,
- and a third one for the thinker, the self which is inside the second one, the ‘internally’ sensation?

Are there layers of sensations of being inside one another? Or all if these could only appear in imagination and thinking?

And now include thoughts.

Are thoughts appear INSIDE the sensation of ‘internally

HOW do you know without imagination that thoughts appear ‘internally’ or that they appear at any location at all?

"In the seen, there is only the seen. In the heard, there is only the heard. In the sensed, there is only the sensed. You are located neither in this, nor in that, nor in any place between the two." - Buddha

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