Looking for guiding company...

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Re: Looking for guiding company...

Postby Vitaion » Thu Mar 08, 2012 3:51 pm

Full moon night... beautiful, quiet, clear….

At 4 a.m. consciousness saw the physical body-appearance standing at a distance from a seemingly location point, from where seeing appeared to happen...
Looking at this body formerly know as “Roswitha's body” was happening... and then some other "form" walked right through this space….
Very strange because this sensed form walked right through this - for a fleeting moment semi-fluid - space, where watching was apparently located … as if some appearance walked through a liquid door …
It is hard to describe… appearance and disappearance…
In truth there was no location from where looking was happening ☺ ... Never mind, seems just to be some phenomenon, which was released…

It feels good to keep quiet for a while, it is anyway almost impossible to find words …

All is well, love

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Re: Looking for guiding company...

Postby Eloratea » Thu Mar 08, 2012 3:57 pm

Yes and No, the grapefruit was never hanging on the tree ☺ in the first place.
No hanging - no falling ☺
Like in the Zen Koan “No Water – no Moon”, when the full moon was reflected in the bucket of water carried by a monk, suddenly the handle broke and then there was “No water – no moon.”
nice said :)

It feels good to keep quiet for a while, it is anyway almost impossible to find words …
Yes, let it settle for a while. Don't get caught in any experience.

Confirmation may tike some time, day or two, and once you are confirmed (made blue :) you can join the so called aftercare group on FB for further exchange.

stay well and keep in touch,
Lots of love

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