What is this?

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Re: What is this?

Postby poppyseed » Sat May 20, 2023 2:42 pm

Hi Ben

Just a nudge for the rest of the answers :)! I hope all is well!

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Re: What is this?

Postby sittingfrog » Wed May 24, 2023 5:24 am

Hi Rali,

Thanks for the nudge. Part of me didn't want to finish this :)
5) Describe decision & give examples from experience.
-Decisions seem to be made but no one makes them. Also you can say that no decision is made as by the time the mind gets a hold of something, it’s in the past and the comparison of what happened vs. what could have happened is arbitrary. “I just paused and rubbed my hands together; I made a decision to do that” <= this was an afterthought, no decision maker and no other way it could have gone.
Describe intention & give examples from experience.
-Intention is the same illusion (of control) but before an “event” happens. I intend to go to sleep early tonight. It’s a thought, at best a prediction based on memory… most of the time I don’t end up sleeping early.
Describe free will & give examples from experience.
-Free will is the ability to make decisions. Since there is no decision maker and no decisions to be made, there is no free will. It doesn’t mean that we are remote-controlled zombies; it’s just that the realm of individual control separate from everything is an illusion.
Describe choice & give examples from experience.
-Choice is an illusion, comparing a memory with an imaginative scenario… both are concepts and in reality, there are no two ways things could go. What there is, is all there is… no compartments to reality… no two ways for things to go… no choices to be made.
Describe control & give examples from experience.
-Control or the need for control seems to be a source of reaction that leads to decision/intention thoughts. Control is an illusion… it’s ultimately the body’s reaction to finding out that it will die. Can’t control birth, death or what happens in between.
What makes things happen? How does it work?
-Nothing makes things happen. When there is no separation and no entity moving from this second to the next, no event happens. The how / why questions are not meaningful outside of the conceptual model of cause and effect and don’t exist in reality. It’s just a moment-to-moment explosion of lights, sounds, and sensations and nothing exists outside of them to start, end, control or make them happen.
What are you responsible for? Give examples from experience.
-Responses to outside stimuli happen, no one is responsible or has control over them. In the seeming realm of cause and effect and infinite things are responsible for what’s happening. In reality, there is no cause and effect, no good and bad, no responsible and carelessness. My left arm hurts… in one sense everything that has happened in the past is responsible for this point in time where my muscle is pulled. In reality, there is just a sensation… location-less, reason-less, owner-less… the rest is a story… a dream.
6) Anything to add?
-I’ve said too much… no words can get closer or further from reality.

Much love

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Re: What is this?

Postby poppyseed » Thu May 25, 2023 9:28 am

Hi Ben
Welcome home!

Thank you for your beautiful answers! It has been such a pleasure to walk beside you through the gateless gate! Your openness and willingness to look were simply awesome and made guiding you a joy.

You will receive an email notifying you of a PM from the forum, inviting you to join LU's Facebook groups. It also has other information that might be of interest to you. I will inbox you my contact details if you want to stay in touch. If you have any questions, just ask, or you can drop a line on your thread here and I will respond.

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Part of me didn't want to finish this :)
Please don’t forget that this is just the beginning of exploring. It’s the beginning of cleaning up of all sorts of old beliefs. Emotions and feelings can show up to be seen and felt, so don’t stop looking! Please feel free to contact me, so we can have a look together, if you like.

I also think that you would make a wonderful guide, if you’re willing to explore it, when you feel ready. It can be very rewarding and it help you deepen your understanding.

Also, if you want further exploring, I'd suggest these teleconferences:
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Looking forward 🙂
Hi everyone.
Starting on 15th of October for 5 weeks I will post a new video of guiding sessions we had with Jim.
Here is a link to the first one.
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Write to them for the next meeting.Ilona's is April 9th.
For Fetters:
Todd has teleconference group that meets - I think every 2 weeks.
There is also www.findingawakening.com but Christine has a waiting list.
And Kevin Shinilac has https://www.simplytheseen.com/ but I don't think he is guiding any more, although there are instructions on his site.


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