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here and now

Postby Vicitoria » Thu May 20, 2021 6:42 pm

LU is focused guiding for seeing there is no real, inherent 'self' - what do you understand by this?
"Self" is just one more thought created by our mind, one more movie, one more picture that has many roles and none of them has nothig to do with "self" itself.

What are you looking for at LU?
To be at the same space with people interested in the same thing as i am. To feel i am not crazy haha, to be closer to the Ilona waves of being. As Ilona said, the most important thing for any human - to be loved, to feel save, to control.
I realy want to get out of my extime control in anything i do.

What do you expect from a guided conversation?
To get a way to apply all knowledges into the practice. So many knowledges around, inside me. I am a good guide, i can explain anything to other person, i get to see things from outside, without jumping in it, BUT once i get some "life lesson", i jump in it with all my emotions...making myself and others feel bad.

What is your experience in terms of spiritual practices, seeking and inquiry?
I am seeking for more than 10 years. many books, videos etc, but started practicing deeply for 6 months. Most of the time for now i feel i am on my way... but sometimes i find myself inside of the mind battle, emotion wave and after all i feel very bad. And then...again i am relaxed and free.
so seems like i am still jumping somewhere around.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how willing are you to question any currently held beliefs about 'self? 10

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