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Re: Holly's Thread

Postby richardcooper2k » Sat Oct 10, 2020 11:27 am

Hi Holly

It's funny i have my own enquiry going which seems to be running parallel to yours into sensations in the body that are experienced as difficult. So sometimes i am not sure if i am trying to guide you or myself 😂. In a way i think they are the same thing and that is why guiding can be such a powerful practice in itself (maybe you will try it one day !). So i too have been trying out inquiry questions to help me stay with the sensation/feeling and not go off into "reaction", distraction, thinking, whatever. (it is good to have a break from it as well though and allow things to settle). So I've been asking things like: how can i be curious about this ? , what is interfering with this, does this feeling/sensation have anything to do with me ? what seems to be difficult about this sensation ? What is happening in the rest of my body ? You can experiment yourself and maybe some of your own questions will come up.

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