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Re: Freedom

Postby Starryeyes1 » Wed Jul 08, 2020 2:57 am

Hi Vivien,
When you say “I know that is just a thought, and not something actually real”, then do you see this experientially moment by moment, or rather you have an intellectual understanding based on the memory of a previous looking?
In the moment of actually looking, yes I can see it experientially.
“ I am believing the thought stories” is literally just a thought, I can’t actually find it as anything but a thought.
Is this an intellectual understanding, or it’s an experiential recognition right now?
Sometimes it is just an intellectual understanding, & sometimes I can see it in experience but it feels sort of foggy, not crystal clear.

So can we agree that you try to clearly communicate what is clearly seen now, and what is just an intellectual understanding in this moment based on a memory or a logical conclusion?
Yes I understand and I am trying my best to only write what is actually seen in the moment.

The body is a body, it exists. But where is Mandy? Does Mandy actually exists as a living/thinking entity?
Right now reading your question and looking, ‘Mandy’ is only a word on this screen and a thought/word.. literally.

The body is labelled by thoughts as ‘Mandy’, but does this labelling make the body into a thinking individual, into a real person, Mandy?
If you label a chair as Sarah, will the chair become a thinking, living entity/individual?
What is it that identifies with the body, and calming the body to be me or mine?
Sitting here looking I can’t find anything that identifies with the body. There is just a body typing words and thoughts coming and going. Thought says “this is my body” but I can’t find an actual “this”..”is”..or “my”, only a “body”.
What is it that is claiming that the body is not just a body, but a Mandy with all of the story of Mandy, and the experiencer of what is happening?
Thoughts are claiming that the body is a Mandy. And “Mandy” is the experiencer of what is happening.

Much love

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Re: Freedom

Postby Vivien » Wed Jul 08, 2020 3:45 am

Hi Mandy,
Thoughts are claiming that the body is a Mandy. And “Mandy” is the experiencer of what is happening.
If thoughts claiming so, then you have to check if this is really true. Again and again and again. 50-100 times a day, even if just for 10 seconds each. This constant and repeated looking what brings about the realization.

You have to incorporate looking into your everyday life. We have to get to the point when it’s is seen in the midst of your daily life, as a lived experience.

So investigate this:
Does life or experience happens to Mandy?
WHERE is she? – you literally have to search for her.

Is she in the feet? In the hands? In the chest? In the throat? In the head? At the top of the head? Or the back? Or at the back? Or in the ears? Or is Mandy living in the face? Or is she living in the eyes? Or maybe she resides in the forehead? Where is she?
Where is her residence? Where in the body?

The most profound discoveries arise from questioning the obvious.



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