Why do I need I?

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Re: Why do I need I?

Postby Kachna » Mon Oct 05, 2020 1:56 pm

Hi Adam,

Greeting from autumny Prague, how are you?:)

I´m sending some of my experiences from the last excercices you sent me!
1. Touch a desk. While doing so - concentrate on this question: Does the sensation indicate that "your hand" is "touching" a "desk" or a "desk" is "touching" "your hand"?
Its actually interesting how strong the mind is in this one – it is so clear to it that it is the hand touching the table! But i tis clearly just thoughts saying that, not the direct experience.
2. When you abandon thoughts - can you describe any "bodily" sensation? Where is your body then? What's the difference between feeling a "light wind on your face" or "your stomach rumbling" in Direct Experience?
I´m not sure I understood this one correctly. I imagine there is no way to differentiate sensations without thoughts labelling them as un/pleasant or something else. They are just sensations. But the mind is insisting on those being different (some difference between painful experience and pleasant wind for example). I understand it on some rational level and sometimes I can experience it with some sensations (like a mild pain during excercise and the power of mimnd labelling it) but still it doesn´t really click with me.
3. When you take a walk - is there any experience of a "body"? When you take all sounds, images and thoughts into account - is "your body" really that "solid" or makes a "majority" of your experience?
With this one it helps me to close my eyes because then I can differentiate clearly that I perceive the body boundaries only visually but when focusing on all perceived sensations, it is not about the body being solid. But again, such a strong habit to „have“ the body!
4. Can you experience any inside or outside in Direct Experience? Is there a "inside sensation" or "outside sensation" in reality? Aside from thought?
I looove this one! When I get really focused it gets almost psychedelic! Only thoughts differentiating those two, otherwise there is no way to really feel it as outside or inside. More precisely it all feels somehow inside or internal, I don´t know how to describe it really.
5. We know now that we have no control over our decisions and movements. What is a difference between "our body moving" and "trees swaying gently" in that case? If we don't have any control over the trees and our body - what's the difference then?
I imagine the difference to me is that I can perceive the bodily movements directly and the trees only when I can see them....?

Thank you in advance for all your feedback, I will dive into the next coupe of excercices:)
Have a gorgeous week!

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Re: Why do I need I?

Postby adamrenton » Sat Oct 10, 2020 1:42 am

Hi dear Katerina!

I live only 3,5 hours from Prague! It's a wonderful place! This planet is so small sometimes! I hope you have a good time! I'm peachy as always!

With the complete "set" of answers - we will dive deeper. I'm starting to think that diving in the ocean and inquiring is not so different after all!

I'm waiting for the rest of the answers with a smile of gratitude! Thank you for your inquiry!

Sending big, fluffy love in your direction!


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