Human As Veil

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Human As Veil

Postby toomajj » Sun Sep 28, 2014 7:23 pm

When we as human beings try to get a glimpse of truth we often fail to do so because truth is concealed by our very humanity. Our humanity is itself the first and the last and the only veil behind which the absolute dwells. It is in the disguise of humanity that we are separated into different beings. In reality this separation is rather an optical illusion. Our immersion and absorption in our own humanity and our human affairs has obscured the view of the transcendental realm within which we are all united. The gaze of the transcendental onlooker is captivated by world-belief and world-experience through which the onlooker objectifies and experiences itself as humanity. But once we refrain from living a life of acceptedness, a life governed by unexamined assumptions and beliefs, then the gaze is freed from captivation and the new realm of non-dual experience appears before us; we have woken up from the dream of separation into the reality of unity. As one consciousness, the dreamer, appears as many separate consciousnesses during his/her dream, our apparent separation too is only an appearance; in reality there is one universal consciousness and we are characters in the subconscious of that consciousness. But as all characters of the subconscious are in fact one with the conscious subject, we too are all identical with the supreme consciousness who is currently hypnotized by world-experience.
We can escape from this hypnosis, and the way to do so is the examine our assumptions and see that we live a life of acceptedness. Once we recognize this and do away with our assumptions we are instantly freed; we then wake up to our true reality, the supreme Self of all selves. Our humanity is just a veil.
Wake up from this hypnosis.

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