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Re: May I have a guide??

Postby Life » Wed Oct 29, 2014 7:16 pm

Just thinkinig again.... What Ive been reflecting upon these days, is that the body and emotions have their own rythim, they come and go like the weather... then comes thought and creates stories about this feelings, like.. I am seeing this.. I am not seeing this etc... but that is just an unconcuios belief that because there is a X feeling, then "I am not seeing this" .. I think I will look for the one who is feeling.. because the thought I feel cant feel..
Ok this might sound sillybut is there someonee there who can think and look rright now? I mean looking and thinking happen but are you doing that?
Well, as we spoke yesterday over the chat.. I want to clarify that being a perfectionist I dont want just gain a philosophy of no self here...that would be useless... I read somewhere a guy that was "gruaduated" on this forum, but he was saying that the understanding is pretty much intelectual....So I am being very honest here and I will not pretend to be a "liberated" or someone who passed the gate just out of philosophy of no self...
Well is there really a separated you there to get clear? Who gets liberated and needs to pass a gate? Where is the you and the gate? indeed the philosophy isnt it but is a self there which can make the seeing happen?
My expectations, maybe you already know some of them.. but I see that I try to see the proof that I am seeing this "correctly" ... like feeling non stickyness or have a sense of "all is good" , or a sense of expansion... Reading this I think it would be useful to look for what "correctly" means.. I know also that as an underlying expectation I am waiting for a shift, not a big bang but a subtle aha.. I see that there is a fixation about feelings and if they don tchange "I am not seeing this"(thats the thought)
Feelings of expansion, depression or a neutralnness might be there but can they llast? Is there something tthere behind the feelings to have them?
Life...... Are you separate from it?

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