Show me the truth Noone!

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Re: Show me the truth Noone!

Postby No_One » Wed Oct 12, 2011 4:52 am

Yup ... sitting with eyes closed and just looking at what's going on is the way I did / do it also. One "mistake" I did there was doing it from the perspective "I am looking at thoughts". So just look at that also ... is there an I looking at thoughts or is that happening also?

Something else that could be in the way is you say "analyzing thoughts". This is not about analyzing. You should use the silent observer to look at this. Try the exercise in my previous post ... it was very useful for me. Look at how mind thinks in words / concepts.

Also, look at the I when it pops. When you move the hand (try it with your eyes closed) what is the causality between the "I move my hand" thought and the actual moving of the hand? Is the I thought the cause of the moving of the hand? Can the hand move without the I thought? Focus the mind on something else ... can you still move the hand? Then try living your normal life and just look for the I in that. Is the I the source of the experience? How does the I come in?
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