Invitation for You to see through you.

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Invitation for You to see through you.

Postby Cubic77 » Tue Nov 15, 2011 11:09 pm

Are you familiar with Tony Parsons view of liberation? Is it the same place you are? Or not you... You know what I mean:-)

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Re: Invitation for You to see through you.

Postby longgone1 » Tue Nov 22, 2011 4:23 pm

Hi Cubic .. checked back a few times but didn't see any reply here .. (maybe notifications not getting through ?) ..
Anyway .. yes I know Tony Parsons work .. & think he is probably the nearest one in the non-dual field to what is being done here .. Maybe the difference is that he just keeps telling you you don't exist .. that there is no you .. Seems like sometimes through a "no-self" consciousness addressing others as not existing he gets some results ..
The difference here is we have to do it ourselves .. There is guidance from and trust in someone else who has seen this (in this case me) .. but you have to do the work .. I can only remind you to look .. look as closely as you can .. see what is really there when you feel like you're back in the self .. what has really happened to cause that identification ? It's kind of comfortable because it is familiar .. but then if the suffering of identification appears again it pushes you back to seek relief or release from the narrowness of that prison of self ..
The only key I can offer you is to look and trust in the place where you are looking from .. Where you are looking from is what you are looking for .. that's you .. the real you .. right here right now .. reading this .. the consciousness which is always present and always in the present .. The one who is looking is the one you really are .. always present .. anything that one sees is an object .. not you .. other than you .. so .. looking from there you can see that familiar person you think you are .. Dad, partner, employee .. whatever social roles you play .. the face you see in the mirror .. the body you feel .. Then .. when you are alone you can start looking again .. you can observe your own thoughts .. you can see them arising .. so you know they are not you ..
So which one is you ? The place where you are looking from .. or the apparent self and all its constituent parts ? Are you the knowing or the known ?

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