Mike guidé par Nemo

And here was I thinking that Nemo was a male!!

Thats great news, thank you! "Thank you" seems a totally inadequate response to someone who has just shown me the true nature of life, but that’s all I have, so thank you, thank you, thank you.

Before we started the process, I was expecting a confrontational process that would, I felt lead to me failing to find myself. In fact, I felt totally supported and sensitively extended throughout our dialog, and that says a huge amount about your level of skill and understanding. I found the entire process thoroughly enjoyable. I was a teacher and I recognise a craftsperson at work! I looked forward to each of your email posts to me with great anticipation

It was that post you wrote to Mikko that cracked the shell. After that, everything sort of flowed and the understanding, the "seeing" was there without me feeling that I had to frantically search for it. That feeling has not left (with yesterday’s mind-driven moment aside which I wrote about on the blog and from which I quickly recovered) and has, if anything, deepened.

Thank you for your willingness to continue chatting on email. I really enjoyed our dialog and your comments and would have been sad if there had have been no opportunity for it to continue. Thank you

I do have a Facebook account. Its currently inactive after I pot pissed off with the spam traffic it generated, but I will reactivate it when I return home on Friday. I have a feeling that going through the gate is when the real journey starts and I’m sure going to need on-going support, advice and encouragement.

In love and with gratitude


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