Douglas Mitchell guidé par Elizabeth

I want to write a testimonial in gratitude to liberationunleashed.com and Elizabeth. This is a website dedicated to guiding people in a one on one relationship with a liberated person who is no longer identified with the self. They claim fast results. They weren’t kidding. It only took two weeks in my case. I speak conventionally using the I because it would be impossible not to. The liberator asks you questions as pointers to the root of the self illusion. My root was that "I am awareness". Does it really take a self to claim ownership of awareness to experience awareness? I was asked to look, really look and see if a self was there when aware. I was stunned to realize that direct experience does not require ownership, directorship, or control by an I. The senses work just fine and are interpreted by the brain with no regard for an I to grab hold. This is only the beginning for me but with support, which they provide to maintain this recognition, I will no longer be under the spell of self. Give them a try.

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Liberation Unleashed
Libération Unleashed