Douglas McGill guidé par Ilona

It’s hard to oversell Liberation Unleashed. What’s the price of freedom from unhealthy habits of mind? What value would you place on ending all the pain and anguish expended on regretting the past and fretting about the future? What would you pay to gain instant access to a source of endless energy, optimism, mental health, security, wisdom, eternal life and love? Would you pay one minute of honestly looking into your deepest fears? Would you pay a willingness to literally die rather than suffer for a minute more the way that you have suffered for so many years, decades, even lifetimes? If the cost and benefits of this transaction sound reasonable to you; or if perhaps, reading only this far, you’ve already mentally put your affairs in order and are ready to set sail and never return; then don’t hesitate for a moment but go right ahead. Take the step. The LU guides are wise and strong, fierce and gentle, focused and absolutely loving. They ask you questions and all that you do is answer them honestly, ready to die. Then, like a refreshing cool wind suddenly blowing in from nowhere, you may feel yourself reborn.

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Liberation Unleashed
Libération Unleashed