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  • Guidé par IlonaNino Matassa I wanted to add one final post in case it is helpful to anyone else. I read quite a bit through the archives and other conversations in the guiding area in an effort to take in as much as I could while you were guiding me through the process.. So for anyone else doing the same thing I hope this is… Plus
  • Guidé par IlonaDouglas McGill It’s hard to oversell Liberation Unleashed. What’s the price of freedom from unhealthy habits of mind? What value would you place on ending all the pain and anguish expended on regretting the past and fretting about the future? What would you pay to gain instant access to a source of endless… Plus
  • Guidé par NemoMike And here was I thinking that Nemo was a male!!Thats great news, thank you! "Thank you" seems a totally inadequate response to someone who has just shown me the true nature of life, but that’s all I have, so thank you, thank you, thank you. Before we started the process, I was expecting a… Plus
  • Guidé par Ilona, ElizabethImperium Having been a serious seeker myself, I hope to share my experience on how to stop the seeking addiction, hope this can be helpful for some. ????In summary, I have been seeking for 6 years and reading over 500 books but it led me only to temporary blissful/peaceful experiences which kept the… Plus
  • Guidé par ElizabethDouglas Mitchell I want to write a testimonial in gratitude to liberationunleashed.com and Elizabeth. This is a website dedicated to guiding people in a one on one relationship with a liberated person who is no longer identified with the self. They claim fast results. They weren’t kidding. It only took two weeks… Plus
  • Guidé par IlonaSusy Sturm My boyfriend emails me this link to Liberation Unleashed. He’s always sending me stuff like this. Sometimes I ignore it…we’ve been in this seeking business a long time. Later when I ask, he doesn’t remember how he came across it. So I’m looking at this page and two words light up.… Plus
  • Daniel Ingram In response to the notion that this is anti-traditional or that this is not fundamentalist Theravadan stuff in some way: if you look at the old texts, the practice instructions for insight again and again are: "That is not self, that is not me, that is not mine, that is impermanent, that is… Plus
  • Guidé par ElenaShane Wilson As is true for many spiritually motivated people, life had been filled with seeking and searching for the gate to enlightenment. Looking for a way to open that gate once it was found was the goal. For many years there was a great deal of striving to become something more and the idea of acquiring… Plus
  • Guidé par cattleyaHonorata L'éveil, tel que je l'ai vécu.Ce jour-là, je me suis réveillée. Et quand j'ai ouvert les yeux, il n'y avait rien à voir. Rien. J'ai été happée par la nuit, je n'ai eu le temps de rien. Je me suis sentie arrachée à la vie. J'ai été au bout de la terreur. Comment dire cela ? J'ai… Plus
  • Guidé par MultipassGio Around three years ago, I started reading spiritual books and listening to Adyashanti, Echkart Tolle, Mooji and various other spiritual gurus. They all point towards the same direction, you are not your body, your thoughts, there is no self, pure awareness etc. They are right, but you have to look… Plus
  • Guidé par LucasSheri (Open) Sky After one-pointed focus on various spiritual paths since teenage years (46 years ago) and the past five years heavily practicing Ramana Maharshi's Self-Inquiry and reading/listening to various non-dual teachers, such as Rupert Spira, I felt as if I was standing at the edge of the cliff and needed… Plus
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