Hello and welcome to Liberation Unleashed. We are very glad you made it here. For many that come, this often ends up being the end of the road, the place that years and years of seeking can suddenly come to an end. We all know this seeking well… that constant feeling that there’s something more yet to get. That yearning for more knowledge, more understanding, more things, greater truth, move love, oneness, God, and on and on… We’ve all looked high and low for these, and in the end we found that the seeking was not fulfilled and was still there, for as one thing is gained a new desire pops up to take its place. At Liberation Unleashed we address the root of the seeking, to that which is seeking all these things: the self. What we do, and our main thrust is our forum 'The Gate', where you can interact with a guide and be guided to take a look at what is true for you in your own experience. It is a place where you can anonymously interact with a guide who will post specific questions to you designed to help you look at your own reality and see what’s true about it for you, or not. There is no magic here… and no mysticism or even what you would normally call spirituality… but only a thorough and persistent call for you to look at your present real life circumstances and experiences. We ask you to look to see if the self that you feel is so very strongly in charge in your life is real… or simply a well disguised illusion.

There is nothing to get here in the tangible sense. We don’t offer any beliefs or dogma or religion. This is not a teaching or training or study course. There are no prerequisites needed, no years of study on the spiritual path are required… only a burning desire for truth. This is not about you achieving some enlightened state or some nebulous feeling like ‘being happy’ forever. And it’s not about ‘fixing’ you or you becoming a better person or being more spiritual. Its simply about seeing what is true for you.

Enter into this process only if you want to find the truth behind the word “I”, only if you are ready to face your fears and expectations and willing to question all your beliefs and assumptions. It is our experience that anyone with a burning desire for this truth and is ready, can see what we point to. All you need to do is bring your honesty, curiosity and courage. This is not a discussion in the normal sense or a debate, but a guiding, and the ability for you to be guided is a necessary ingredient.

One of the major obstacles to the direct, clear seeing of reality is a thick layer of expectations and narrative about a self’s journey towards enlightenment, built up by years and years of seeking. Getting these expectations out in the open and seen is an important first step toward this seeing. Our community of volunteer guides, who are from every major country and language, will assist you with this.

Read through the materials we have listed, and take a look at our forum. If you find this resonates, with you feel free to register for a guiding and join us.

Liberation Unleashed
Liberation Unleashed