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We run several Facebook groups, each with a distinct purpose.

  • Liberation Unleashed Facebook page – Liberation Unleashed’s main hub of activity.

  • Liberation Unleashed Gate on Facebook – If you have any questions about Liberation Unleashed, seeing through the illusion of self or the guiding process, you can ask them in Liberation Unleashed Gate on FB.

  • LU Aftercare (members only) – All freshly gated are added here.

  • Unleashed (members only) – LU general socializing group for everyone that has been though the gate.

  • LU Central (members only) – The support group for guides and a training ground for those who wish to learn to guide.

  • Dealing with the Residue (members only) – The Work for Liberated using Byron Katies The Work as a tool for seeing through residual patterns and beliefs. Deep inquiry, an extension of the Gate.

  • Deep Looking (members only) – A group to address serious issues in one on one sessions.

  • LU Straight Talk (members only) – This is a recovery-based group for people who have gone thru the Gate. If you have now, or have had in the past a problem with substances of any kind, or if you have been affected deeply by someone else’s use, this is another place to be able to discuss things.

  • The Field (members only) – The LU online sanctuary, a place for sitting in silence together.

  • Loving-Kindness Group – This group is created as a place for cultivating positive mind states, experiencing and sharing loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, appreciation. This is the best cure for any negativity and deepens the realization of selflessness, emptiness and impermanence.

Facebook International groups

  • French – F.UNleashed (members only)
  • German – Die Ich-Ilusion
  • Spanish – LU en Español (members only)

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