How weird and wonderful!

“Once upon a time there was a little baby girl, her loving parents named her Lianna, and told her that was her name. They taught her that she was her own separate little being in a big world, just like they were separate bigger beings, mom and dad. All the big people around her told the same story and smiled at her. She was eager to please and quick to learn, and she believed them, so she started to look at herself as a separate little person in a very small body. In there she built and built on her image of herself based on what she had been taught. Thoughts, memories, actions, bodily attributes helped formed what she began to think about as “herself”. And soon enough she was totally convinced that she really was Lena, all alone in the world, and responsible for her own choices in life.

Only, somewhere inside, there was a lingering feeling, that something was wrong, that something had been overlooked. A feeling that she needed to find something she had lost, that she really needed to see the truth, no matter how radical that truth might be.

And then one day, after much searching, she stumbled on a site on the internet, where she could get just the right help to actually look and look again at what was true. And for the first time she saw, that there was really no proof for the existence of this self she had so long believed in. There was only this self-label that had been put on a bunch of things relating to this body and its story. This self was nothing but an imaginary character in a story. How weird and wonderful!”



Liberation Unleashed
Liberation Unleashed