There’s just life and the movement of life.

“Notice the sounds you’re hearing, like the chirping of these birds right now. Notice the habitual thought: “I hear that.” Now just pay attention to how sound happens. Take your time with it. Are you doing the hearing, or is it just happening?

So where does the “I” come in? Doesn’t the thought “I heard that” come after the sound? In the moment of hearing, is there an “I”? And when the “I”-thought comes, isn;t it clearly a thought? Is it anything other than that?

It’s an illusion that there’s a “you” that is living your life. There’s just life and the movement of life. WHat we just did with hearing can be seen through all the other senses, and through thoughts too. There isn’t a “you” who thinks “your” thoughts. Don’t take my word for it. Just look.”



Liberation Unleashed
Liberation Unleashed