…like taking a step back and watch thoughts and feelings without being involved in them.

“Lets say u just woke up in the morning and coz its a monday u have to go to work. So there might be a thought of “i have to go to work”. now there are two ways of experience this thought (and all thoughts). The first one is what normaly happens: u have the feeling of “I have to go to work” just how u experiencing it always. u have the feeling that u where thinking the thought, and therefore u identified urself with it.But if there is a closer look at that thought it can be seen that this thought just appeared on its own, out of habbit, out of chance, without anyone how asket for it to come. the thought just arosed on its own. And that thought can be watched like a tree or a sunrise can be watched.

Through all the thinking like “i am…” , “i have to….”, “i like…” and the unconcious identification with these thoughts there is the illusion of “I” created. If one would put infront of these thinking habbits “there is the thought arising:” and than “I am…” there would be a more realistic, less ego based view of things.

Seeing throught this illusion is like taking a step back and watch thoughts and feelings without beeing involved in them.”



Liberation Unleashed
Liberation Unleashed