About Liberation Unleashed

Our aim is to deliver the message as clear as possible to as many as possible, that separation is only a thought, there is no entity behind the word I and all one needs to do to see that is to look for oneself.

Founded September 17th 2011, by Ilona Ciunaite and Elena Nezhinsky, Liberation Unleashed is a rapidly growing international network of volunteers who, having seen through the illusion of separation in life, are dedicated to help others see this for themselves, through forums, facebook groups, blogs and in private conversations, either through e-mail, Skype or in person.

Besides offering guidance to seekers, we have groups where aftercare is provided to newly awakened as well as groups where many awakened from all walks of life can freely connect with one another.

Liberation Unleashed is dedicated to delivering a direct, clear and efficient method towards the liberation of humanity from the illusion of separation, in the spirit of love and compassion.

LU adheres to no specific creed, theology or philosophy but the simplicity of unadorned direct experience.

All of the online services at LU are completely free of charge.

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Liberation Unleashed
Liberation Unleashed