Enlightening Quotes App for Linux

Installing the app

Download the app to your computer.

Extract the folder with the app files from the zip archive it comes in and put it into the “bin” folder under your Home folder. If there is no “bin” folder, you can create it. You can also put it into any other folder, but be aware that the app creates a folder “EnlighteningQuotes” under your Home folder to store user data, so you should not put it into a folder with that name as that might cause problems.

Make the Enlightening Quotes app file executable. How you do that depends on your Linux version. For example, on Ubuntu 11 you can right-click on the file, select “Properties”, select “Permissions”, and check the box “Allow executing file as program”.

Please note that the app might not run on all versions of Linux. Just give it a try with your Linux version.

Uninstalling the app

Delete the folders with the Enlightening Quotes app files and user data from your system.

Liberation Unleashed
Liberation Unleashed