Enlightening Quotes App for Android

For your Android phone or tablet, you have two options:

  1. You can download the original version of the app from the Google Play Store.
  2. You can download and install an improved version of the app from this page.

Details about the app version on the Google Play Store

On the Home screen of the app, ten categories are available. If the list is too long to fit on your device’s screen, you can scroll down to see the remaining categories. Press the button for the category of quotes you want to work with. The categories are:

  • Introduction
  • Expectations
  • Fear
  • Direct Experience
  • Labeling and Language
  • Story
  • Exercises
  • Looking
  • Gate
  • After Gate

On the quote detail screen, quotes are displayed against a differently colored background, according to the category of the quote. If a quote is too long to fit on your device’s screen, you can scroll down to see the rest of it.

Four buttons are available on this screen:

  • Home — return to the menu of categories
  • Forum — open browser at the Liberation Unleashed forum
  • Prev — display the previous sequential quote
  • Next — display the next sequential quote

Link to the app on the Google Play Store:

Details about the improved app version

This version of the app has the following improvements:

  • It supports German as a second language.
  • It opens directly into the quotes screen instead of the categories screen. You still have the option to select a specific category.
  • It remembers the last quote you looked at and returns to it when you open the app again.
  • It allows you to mark certain quotes as favorites and only display your favorite quotes.
  • It allows you to find quotes that contain a particular text.

Installation instructions for this version

To install the app from this page, your Android phone or tablet must allow the installation of apps from unknown sources.

  • On your device, go into Settings > Security, and confirm that the appropriate setting has a checkmark.
  • When you activate the setting, you will get a warning that it makes your device more vulnerable to attacks.
  • You should uncheck the option again after you have installed the Enlightening Quotes app.

Once you have confirmed the setting, download the app with your phone or tablet:

Enlightening Quotes App for Android download

If your device doesn’t ask you automatically whether you want to install the app, go to the downloads location and tap it there. Now your device should offer you to install the app.

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