LU interview with guide Adil

1. What is the story behind the name Adil? Where does he live, what does he do, what music does he listen to, does he have a hobby?

Yes, let's speak from the story… I live in North Cyprus, its half of known Cyprus. A small unrecognized country. I run a small gift shop here. But it is now a "relaxing center” more than a gift shop as guests say.

After the Liberation Unleashed process I was involved more in talking about non duality, feeling more at the moment, a constant broadcasting of peace took place. This also changed the type of people who also come to shop. Shop became like a healing center. Now people come here to talk, meditate, sit and relax, heal each other, help each other.. Almost all of my day is passing by sharing pointers with people but sure details of life has to be done and I also deal with them.

I can say my hobby is these talks, sharing silence, sharing pointers.

Before I was so much into music, I was collecting thousands of albums… Knowing different kinds of new music was so much important somehow. I cared so much to have a refined music taste as a part of identity. After I saw that it was also a part identity, the idea of "preference" also has been seen.

Now choosing music happens. I have no idea what may I like 1 min later. No attachment of any kind.. Only I can’t listen to so loud sounds anymore. I can say there is no interest in many things. There is only experience of what appears in the moment in joy. I can say hobby became the experience in the moment at all.

2. Could you tell us more about your path before LU? How did the search begin, what was wrong? What do you wish you knew before starting out as a seeker?

There was a constant seeking coming from curiosity. I call it a spiritual grandbazaar.. I shopped from lots of them.. Started with interest in magic when I was a kid, then aliens, then angels, then energy healing, then sufism, power of now.. I was on a path of seeking all the time and reason was an endless curiosity and an emotional sensitive character open to suffering. But a book called "Love" from Elif Safak telling about Rumi's life changed the whole game. While reading the book I felt so deeply connected, feeling joy and moments of silence appeared from time to time..

After this book a lovely being, my pointer and my friend Samarth walked in to shop with that awesome light in his eyes. He shared lots of pointers with me pointing non non-duality. He used to ask me "what is I".."What is self" all the time and I was trying to find answers and giving silly answers. He wrote on one paper "" and the journey began. I first watched a video of Ilona and somehow I resonated with her. I signed in and asked for any guide and again somehow "Ilona" found me.

Unlearning, dropping beliefs started and at the end of the process whole game changed. I was laughing for days seeing the cosmic joke and sharing the laughter with Ilona.

Then I understood how satisfying guiding can be but somehow it didn't come true.. I said “It’s impossible for me to guide, I can’t do it" and again one day Ilona said to me "Why don’t you guide?" Things changed and I can’t even remember how my guiding story began. It was really lovely feeling to hold one's hand and go together to an unknown journey, but help always came, what should happen happened.. Oh it's such a story appearing in the now..

3. A few words about your thread? Do you remember what beliefs you came with and what you found out at the end?

Yes I was full of beliefs. Religious remanings, family values, society teachings, remains of old spiritual teachings. I had to deal with them with the pointers of life (called Ilona and Kay) during my thread.. Lot's attachments, beliefs fell and are still falling...

I was calling these pointers as atheism of spiritualism. Like multiplying all with zero.. It was hard at first, then peeling beliefs like onions turned to a hobby. I worked like a belief hunter for a while. Still some beliefs or thoughts that claim that they are so serious arise, but they are seen and dismantled with the light of awareness quickly. Such a wonderful "not knowing" now. Nothing to be looked for and nothing to be found.

There is no unending bliss, or constant stopping of thoughts. Show must go on but nothing seems so important and matters. Ultimately, dance of color - sound - sensation - though is going on in its own agenda.

As Ilona wonderfully says "Life is lifing" for no one. A big gratitude for all the stories and characters in the story appearing this way. Sending much love to all.

4. You’ve mentioned sufism. Although I’m not very much familiar with the scriptures of sufism I found that the lyrics and poems of Rumi are very touching, full of love and compassion. Do you re-read some of them now and do you see them with new eyes so to speak?

Actually I can't say that I reread them, they are everywhere now. But here or there some pointers, some poems appear and when I see them strong love is felt. Sometimes I listen sufi flute music, which inspires and feels so warm.

But sure before I knew anything about "love" that Rumi mentioned I was thinking it as romantic love. Then I saw that he was always talking about the love he felt to his guru and divine love. Person is being lost and dissolving in love.

As I realized later his pointers were so much similar to our pointers in LU. Like his saying "Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

I realized later that here he talks about dropping old beliefs to release what is already here and now.. Like his another saying "What you seek is seeking you.”. Again he means it's here and now, nothing to seek for!

5. What would you say the Liberation Unleashed process is exactly? What is it that happens in all these thousands of conversations?

This has a very short answer for me "Life is lifing". Same intelligence working on itself. But if you want some details about it is from the side of "story"; it seems like many brilliant hearts who realized they are not the thought called "small me" are helping many brilliant hearts to seek and find, and destroy all the barriers (ideas) within themselves that were built against their true being.

6. Some may say that seeing that there is no separate self is a nihilistic approach to life, that it is denying personal experience. What would you say about that?

I don't see that way but what's wrong if its labelled as "nihilistic". These are just words. It's life's work not a separate being doing any single thing. There is an experience, absolutely. But when you investigate a person to it's core you see that it's nothing, but an idea. So for me dance of color+sound+sensation+thought is called experience and it's all there is.

7. For how long have you been guiding in LU and how many threads have you guided?

I was guiding from 2018 and I had around 15 threads. As guiding on LU took place after some time, guiding on different things in daily life took place. So I had to take a break from online guiding for a while, but again I sometimes guide on LU when life rotates that way.

8. Why a guide and not a teacher?

Teacher teaches concepts. Guide points. Guiding on LU as I see, is pointing for uninstalling concepts, beliefs blocking the way of clear seeing. We ask questions instead of giving answers in LU, so it makes one LOOK instead of learning anything new.

9. Could you tell something to those who have fear and postpone their exploration in LU?

I want to answer this by a quote by Ilona. She told me when she was guiding me "Enlightenment is nothing more than seeing that self is an illusion. No angels, no magic wand erasing all your troubles. It is so simple. When you really look and see that you are not there, just life living of its own accord, you will laugh."

So why fear for something you'll laugh at the end? Real "You" is eternal. Isn't it nice to explore life to its core?

But at the end if there is fear there will be fear. If there is postponing there will be postponing. Life knows best timing. Neither guiding nor being a guide is at someone's will. If life wants, it happens. Relax and enjoy, nothing is under control.

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Liberation Unleashed