Interview with Nour

What is the story behind the name Nour? Where does he live, what does he do, what music does he listen to, does he have a hobby?

The story is long to say all about. More than 60 years. I live in Algiers and like to escape to the mountains in Kabylia where some of my family are still living. Now I am retired but I still work as a consultant in management. I like to listen to music even when I don’t understand the text. It happens that I play guitar or other musical instruments. About a hobby ? Now, the best one is to walk outside and be open to what is going on.

What were you looking for? How did the search begin, what was wrong? What do you wish you knew before starting out as a seeker?

When I was young, there were beliefs about our saints who have spiritual powers as it is said. In that time, during the fifties till the eighties, they were spiritual “persons” still alive in the village in Kabylia. I have been attracted to spirituality since the age of fifteen. I was reading a lot of books on the subject : Koran, Bible, Gospels, Yoga, Bhagavad Gita, .. I concluded that all of them tend to the same goal : to know the truth. At that time, I did not know what this truth was all about. It is “something” not clear yet but I knew that it is intangible, without a substance, which is not an appearance to senses. I knew also that this truth is not outside of me. I was studying, then working. It happened that I have been in Paris for a period in the mid seventies, I go to the Gilbert Library and buy spiritual books (Rumi, Faridedin Attar, Krishnamurti, Vivekananda, others). I read them and try to understand and put in practice. I was still believing that there is a me which has to see the truth. There was duality. I have read a lot of books in French, in English but Bhagavad Gita is the clearer for me. It is a direct path.

I have been continuing reading books for a while. Life with its ups and downs, pleasure, pain, joy, sadness, … It was going on. When the internet began to spread, I encountered writings and videos of Echart Tolle, “living in the now” then I found links to Nirmala. I like to listen to his audios. It happened when I was listening to an audio about “being yourself” or something like that : I have seen this emptiness full of presence. I wrote to Nirmala and he gave some advice to deepen the seeing. Looking for audios and videos, I listened to all the so called teachers (Foster, Betinho, Papaji, Mooji, Lucille, Spira, others …). I read the Talks of Ramana Maharshi, Gurdjieff, Oupensky, Gilbert Schultz, Bob Adamson, James Schwartz, ...

A few words about your thread. Do you remember what beliefs you came with? And what did you find?

In 2011, I found a forum called Ruthless Truth : it was the first time I read “there is no you”, it was exciting. I registered in the forum and got through the process of “there is no you” “is it true?” I have been a guide for a while in the arena, the forum closed. I was feeling half cooked, I felt like I missed something. I found the LU forum on the web, read some of the threads then in 2012, I registered in the forum. In reality there was nothing new. I understood that there is a difference between awakening and realization and there are still tendencies, conditionings, habits which are working as a force d’inertie.

What would you say the Liberation Unleashed process is exactly? What is it that happens in all these thousands of conversations?

It is a helping process to see through the illusion of a separate self, of an I as an entity. When you read threads, in the beginning there is much confusion in the understanding of the folks about what they are. When the dialog is going on, you see that they have more clarity about the I, me, a separate self, …

Sometimes there is a breakthrough, a brutal shift from the beliefs and the seeing. Sometimes there is a smooth shift, the guy knows there is a subtle change but it is not convincing for the guides.

Some may say that seeing that there is no separate self is a nihilistic approach to life, that it is denying personal experience. What would you say about that?

No, it is not a nihilistic approach to life because it has been the case before seeing through the illusion. The personal experience is still here as a memory but you know it is experience not yours. Nothing changes : family, friends, co-workers, the job, … The difference is that you see this as what it is.

For how long have you been guiding in LU and how many threads have you guided?

Five months. About ten threads.

Why a guide and not a teacher?

A guide is here to show the road, to avoid obstacles. A guide is accompanying, not teaching. Teaching is adding wood on wood, it is for accumulating knowings.

Could you tell something to those who have fear and postpone their exploration in LU?

You don’t have to fear what is going on in LU. You won’t disappear and your everyday life won’t change. You will continue to care about your family, do your job, pay electricity, …

What are the most common expectations and misconceptions you have to deal with when guiding?

Some folks come to the forum to satisfy their curiosity, they go away when they see that they have to do the job for themselves. Other folks come to the forum to speak about the no me, no separate self, and they are deceived when they see that they have to go to the ground and get out of the web of thoughts. Anyway this forum is a good beginning but it is not the end. There is still a job to be done for liberation from all tendencies, conditionings and habits.

What would be your advice for those who completed LU process and had the realisation?

There is a need to go through the tendencies, habits and conditionings. The best advice is : don’t go to thoughts. Rest as the Self as it is given by Sri Ramana Maharshi.

What is the message you wish to pass on?

I wish that all “human beings” see that there is no entity living separate of the Life. This will put an end to conflicts between thoughts, “persons” and nations.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? Anything you want to share?

There is a knowing principle, knowing. There are appearances : what is called a body, what is called objects. Appearances are not separate from the knowing. There are thoughts. Thoughts are not separate from the knowing. This is seen. Now, how can you follow a thought like : “ I am here, the objects are there”. When you see on the ground that there is no water in the mirage in the desert, how can you bear a thought like :“there is water there” , if you believe thoughts you will die of thirst.

Liberation Unleashed
Liberation Unleashed