Interview with Jadzia

What is the story behind the name Jadzia? Where does she live, what does she do, what music does she listen to, does she have a hobby?

I live in a big city in Germany and yet love to live a simple and quiet life. I work by listening to people and I never get tired of learning in how many different ways one can learn from difficult situations and tweak them to get something good out of them.

Music, well I am pretty much eclectic in my musical choices. Hobbies: I do a lot of different things which allow me to play with colour and form like knitting, spinning, painting or playing with clay.

What were you looking for? How did the search begin, what was wrong? What do you wish you knew before starting out as a seeker?

I never felt like a seeker in a spiritual way, though I turned each and every stone I found to find something to make me whole again and stop feeling twisted. Life started with some throwbacks and I felt I needed to heal myself, find my wings, my voice. When the spiritual movement hit this city I jumped on the band wagon and I did enjoy the variety of stuff being offered. The thing to learn at that time sure was discernment and learning to trust and follow my own impulses, my inner walking guide. Strong impulses lead me to places, books, workshops, trainings or people which helped me to deepen my understanding of what humans are and to find my own techniques to work with me and others. A few years ago someone I knew wrote a review about a book in which Tony Parson is mentioned again and again. I listened to youtube videos of this guy for two weeks until I couldn’t do with the ‘there is no me’, ‘no I’ and ‘no one is doing this’ any longer – I knew deep down that everything he said was true but still I didn’t quite get it, lovely man that guy. In a comment someone mentioned Batgap, so I listened to some interviews there and surprise, found the one with Elena and Ilona and appeared at the forum.

What I wish I knew beforehand? Nothing. The past years I learned that I always knew everything there is to know but either I didn’t remember or I had the knowledge but I couldn’t do anything with and yet there always was an inner compass to follow and trust. A few days ago I looked at a picture I made about two decades ago and I had to laugh, it simply covers everything I found out in the past two years. Had it right in front of my nose. :-)

A few words about your thread. Do you remember what beliefs you came with? And what did you find?

I was pretty close when I arrived at the forum and still managed to produce an elaborate story in which of course the self could stay. I had come to the point in life that I really appreciated and loved myself and I wasn’t too willing to throw the me of me over board. My guide was patient and I could jump through the crack soon.

What would you say the Liberation Unleashed process is exactly? What is it that happens in all these thousands of conversations?
I’d say that each guide sees this a bit differently. The way I see it it is a remembering, a process to rediscover that what we know, always knew. It takes some pointing to what really is and encouraging to jump through the crack of the universe of stories, beliefs, assumptions and knowledge which was never checked. In the end it just needs a moment to sneak under the radar of our conditioning to get to the knowing.

Some may say that seeing that there is no separate self is a nihilistic approach to life, that it is denying personal experience. What would you say about that?

For me the “There is a self” or the “There is no self” isn’t really the question.
The I/ self hasn’t got any substance, no weight which can be thrown around at all. There is no I as entity which decides, controls, moves, thinks and so on and yet there is an I, a Jadzia in a story, which can be listened to and told and it seems personal. But is it personal? Am I the story? No.

No need to become nihilistic. The belief in a personal experience has just been a belief with no influence on anything that happens. If the belief falls, well, nothing changes, life happens just as before.

For how long have you been guiding in LU and how many threads have you guided?

I started guiding 2018 and I remember keeping a record in the beginning but I dropped that quiet quickly, so no idea how many threads I guided. I sometimes guide more, sometimes less and sometimes not at all.

Why a guide and not a teacher?

A teacher shares what s/he learned, a guide invites someone for a walk with her/him for a while to have a fresh look at what is together and at what can be found right now. It is a putting things upside down and back, turning each stone and having a look underneath. Guiding is really enjoyable, there are so many points to start from, each interaction is different and the closer it gets the more joy it is to watch.

Could you tell something to those who have fear and postpone their exploration in LU?

There is nothing wrong with that, it simply might not be the time yet. But in case the impulse is really strong then it is time for jumping, nothing will be lost, and there is a lot to gain. There is always a possibility to work with the fear.

What are the most common expectations and misconceptions you have to deal with when guiding?

An expectation is that one will change, be a different kind of person, or that life will change. This won’t happen, in most ways before is after. A lot of the changes many wish for take a while. There is the need for more looking, more honesty and courage. Usually the story doesn’t drop in a whiff, patterns need to be embraced, emotions, likes and dislikes before in the end a lot more drops and the balance is found. Mind you, no balance is static. :-)

It is always a good idea to simply put aside what one learned so far, this especially applies to theories one developed or has learned. LU doesn’t work with theories or concepts; it is plain looking at what one finds in the very moment.

What would be your advice for those who completed LU process and had the realization?

Patience: For some, like me, after a short honeymoon trouble follows, a big cleaning up happens and a lot of letting go is required. There is a lot which is simply not needed anymore.

No resistance: Allow everything, each and every thought, feeling, emotion, sensation. All has a right to be there, all and everything wants to be seen, lovingly seen and embraced. Only because one realizes one isn’t the story doesn’t mean that all patterns will fall away, heck no! They might even show stronger. So be ready to keep working.

Enjoy: Don’t take the whole stuff too serious. Humor is a wonderful key to almost everything.

In case you are not all peace and bubbles – All is well. :-)

Is there anything else youd like to add? Anything you want to share?

Gating is one step, there are others. Other beliefs or constructs which might be interesting to investigate later on. There is no need to hurry – there always should be enough time to simply enjoy life.

Liberation Unleashed
Liberation Unleashed