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The best of Liberation Unleashed, in audio format:

  • Section 1: Introduction. “If you have a sincere interest in this, you can do it.” 17’12” runtime. 15.7 MB download.

  • Section 2: Expectations. “How do you imagine awakening will make you feel, and what will it be like?” 17’03” runtime. 15.6 MB download.

  • Section 3: Fear. “For some people, this process is really intense.” 8’01” runtime. 7.4 MB download.

  • Section 4: Direct Experience. “There are raw experiences: hearing, seeing, touching, smelling, and tasting. There are sensations in the body (hunger, thirst, or pain). This is what we refer to as direct experience.” 21’13” runtime. 19.4 MB download.

  • Section 5: Labeling and Language. “Notice how thoughts spring up and label objects.” 17’35” runtime. 16.1 MB download.

  • Section 6: Story. “The substance of a story is ideas, thoughts, and habits. Do you see that? Can you get a clear view of that?” 34′ runtime. 31.2 MB download.

  • Section 7: Exercises. “Do this little exercise.” 18’47” runtime. 17.2 MB download.

  • Section 8: Looking. “How do you know that there is no “I”? You look for yourself and find out the truth of it.” 29′ runtime. 27.3 MB download.

  • Section 9: Gate. “The Gateless Gate is a concept that points to an event or non-event.” 3’53” runtime. 3.6 MB download.

  • Section 10: After Gate. “This is the first step of an awakened, authentic life.” 6’05” runtime. 5.6 MB download.

Gateless Gatecrashers Audiobook in Russian

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Liberation Unleashed
Liberation Unleashed