The Gate

How do you get through the gate?

First of all you will need to set a clear intention to see the truth, no matter what. That might be scary, but necessary. If you are serious about stepping through the gateless gate you need to bring courage and honesty with you.

Commit and get liberated. The exit that you are looking for is here.

Clear the expectations. Of course you know a lot about what enlightenment is and what liberation should be and feel like. So just write it all down. Make a list of every bit of what you think it’s gonna do for you. Then leave it all to rest. We are going to guide you to see what is true for yourself.

The biggest obstacles are fear, resistance and distraction. Fear is a mechanism that is guarding illusion from being found out for what it really is. Resistance comes up through feelings and thoughts that you can not do it. And mind will play all kind of tricks to distract you from direct looking. You will need courage, burning desire for truth and focus.

Once you bypass the fear then it’s easy. You look at the truth that there is no self at all as in zero, in real life. There is no you. There are thoughts about you, but no such separate entity ‘me’. You look at the thought with the thought, examine labels, mind function to label experience and find out for yourself what it is that you know for sure.

The simple fact is that, in a very literal sense, there really is no you. Once this is seen, it can never be unseen. And the void where a ‘you’ should be can be seen to extend through all time and space. Because of the seeing of that eternal space, no thought or feeling can ever consume you again. This is liberation.

Nobody taught us to think for ourselves. Now you will have to. And you will need to look with fresh eye at everything. This is not about convincing you, not about new belief, not about intellectual understanding, but pure looking at what is, by yourself.

There is no self at all. Is it true? Until the obvious answer is yes, keep looking. You’re not trying to convince yourself of this. You’re trying to see it.

The big, obvious paradox that people get stuck in is this: “How can I see it if there is no me to see?”

The answer is very simple – no you is necessary for seeing to occur. Seeing is real. You are not. See that there is no you.

Try not to get lost in this – instead, just look, see that there is no you.

Don’t worry; it‘s really easy and simple. Everyone can see it. Truth is not hiding, it’s always in plain sight. We have guided many people through the gate and got quite a bit of experience with this.

Almost all we do is give you questions. You look for answers and tell us what you got with total honesty. Then we give you more questions… And we carry on until seeing happens.

We will not leave you in the middle, we might use a stronger push, or the ‘strike witht the zen stick’ when needed – or just take your hand and walk you through. It’s as easy or hard as you make it.

Choose the path of least resistance and it will be easy. Resists and we will slap you.

Many have gotten free without even this. If you don’t want to wait for a guide to get to you, the Archives section of The Gate has links to many full and complete liberations. If you’re stuck somewhere, you might find that someone else has been guided through just that issue.

If you need more help, join the The Gate forum and get engaged. The only way to find the truth is by looking for it.

You know, it’s true what the man said – truth will set you free.

Use this opportunity to see through the illusion of self.

Then help others.

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Liberation Unleashed
Liberation Unleashed