• Conscience (French)

    La pensée est un objet d’observation. Elle peut être vue, contemplée, appréhendée, depuis l’instant de son émergence jusqu’à l’instant de sa disparition. Cette possibili­té d’appréhension signe l’existence d’un regard situé en dehors d’elle, qui la contemple.
  • Inquiry for First Awakening

    Inquiry for First AwakeningThe inquiry that leads to first awakening is a funny thing. We want to know “how” precisely to do that inquiry, which is completely understandable. The thing is that it’s not wholly conveyable by describing a certain technique. Really it’s a matter of finding…
  • Openness and Curiosity

    Openness and CuriosityAwakening involves a profound shift in how we engage with emotions, sensations, beliefs, and the external world. It is a unique insight into how the mind works. More importantly, it is a continuous process, involving approaching inner and outer experiences with great deal…

Liberation Unleashed
Liberation Unleashed