If you’re interested you can do this.

“If you’re interested you can do this. There is a way to look at your “self” from every angle until the inescapable conclusion is reached that it’s just an idea, it isn’t real and never was. Once you see it, it’s over for that belief. Then your human energy and body and brain aren’t being used up in the service of a lie. And life feels better and easier after. It just does. And if you have interest in this, you can do it, it’s actually fascinating as you go through it, and as difficult as it can seem sometimes, it’s nothing compared to the difficulty of living life as a “self” – even at its best. And then I would (and have) direct them to this website”.

(Source: http://liberationunleashed.com/nation/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=826&start=30)


Liberation Unleashed
Libération Unleashed