There is no ‘you’ back there making it all happen.

“You have been living your whole life thinking that you are in control. The truth is that you are not in control. More specifically, there is no ‘you’ to be in control. Every action your body has taken, every thought that has arisen in your mind, has happened without anyone behind the curtains making it happen. Everything that is within your experience is entirely a product of past events. Just as your heart beats without anyone’s approval, your mind thinks without anyone’s approval, and your body acts without anyone’s approval. There is no ‘you’ back there making it all happen. There isn’t even a ‘you’ back there watching it all happen. There is no entity back there that is aware of what is going on; awareness is simply arising because the appropriate conditions are in place for awareness to arise.”Even this is just a conceptual understanding though, in order to really show them the truth, it would be necessary to go through the critical questioning processes that is used here”.



Liberation Unleashed
Libération Unleashed