The mystery of the universe is felt and cherished…

“Each of us have, all the time, have a clear and unobscured view to the world through these eyes that we are looking right now. The mistake is to put a label (your name) on the view and live accordingly. The process to clear the view is to find out what and where are your ME’s and MY’S and disidentify from those. Disidentification happens by knowing that thoughts are not real. A simple observation of thoughts eyes closed as a regular practice can be really helpful for seeing the absurdity of thoughts and thus leading to accept their unrealness. After the process is over, you look at the world again like a child, simply, innocently, without a mental layer in between you and the world. The false sense of self is not formed anymore while interacting in the world, but one stays in the centerless being. The mystery of the universe is felt and cherished, if earlier there was much knowledge about many things, now it’s just unknowingness. There is no rush to get anywhere, nothing to be shame of (one’s body, behaviour, unintelligence etc), no one can make their beliefs yours because you don’t cling to any thought”.



Liberation Unleashed
Libération Unleashed