• Dr. Julie interviews Ilona Ciunaite

    Break through the illusion with Ilona Ciunaite. Listen to the audio interview podcast (MP3).
  • Chris Grosso interviews Ilona Ciunaite

    In this episode of The Healing Journey Web Series, Ilona Ciunaite and I discuss an awakening experience she had in 2002 in which she experienced silence of the thinking mind, a sweet sense of being, contentment, peace,” and feeling at home; what Ilona’s spiritual path consisted of for t…
  • Ilona & Will Pye (Video)

    Will Pye talks with Ilona in this insightful discussion from April, 2016.
  • LU interview with guide Hannah (Video)

  • LU interview with guide Moonlight

    Hello everyone, Lisa Kahale here with a lovely interview with Moonlight, a longtime Liberation Unleashed member and contributor. Moonlight is a guide on the LU website Forum for those seeking to pass through the gateless gate and has consistently given her time and effort to our organization. She…
  • LU interview with guide Sacha

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sacha from my first discovery of the online awakening communities. His work and dedication at Liberation Unleashed has always made him a steadfast and strong but quiet presence within the circles he visits. I’ve always gotten the sense that if it were at…
  • LU interview with guide Delma

    Hello everyone, I’m Lisa Kahale and I’m here with a chat I recently had with Delma, one of the original members of Liberation Unleashed. Delma went through the “gateless gate” several years ago and is now a committed LU volunteer, helping to guide new members into seeing through the…
  • LU interview with guide Lisa

    Damon: Could you tell me a little about your journey as a seeker, if there was such a journey? Lisa: Hardcore seeking was operating in the background for me all the time. I was not a happy person most of my life. I came out of an abusive childhood with many conditionings and false beliefs th…
  • Dzogchen Immediate Recognition

  • Direct Pointing Retreat in Costa Rica

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