No self is just “this,” here and now with no me in between…

“Self is a grouping of views about events that have happened, in ones life. One takes life personally and carries the illusion that these memories, coupled with upbringing and social conditioning, are a fixed thing. Maybe one thinks personality goes to heaven or hell or no-where at all (nihilism). Self is I- am-thatness. (Apparent/assumed) subject. Is a barrier/boundary really a barrier/boundary or is just a continuation of all that is? It’s as if you draw a circle, and put some things inside it and say theye are inside the circle, and forgetting that you drew the lines, and then believing thats how it has to be. Taking it as the truth. Are you confused? You should be. Its hard to fallow this line of reasoning because it has been created (however poorly by me). In short self is nothing but a word. No self: all thoughts feeling emotions whatever any way of experiencing reality is impersonal. Absolutely everything that is to be experienced and is conditioned changes. Particularly this mind state that is experienced right now, its changing. Wishing for it to be constant, trying to make it constant is stressful however subtle. Is it fit to regard any as such as self with it being inconstant and stressful? No self is just “this,” here and now with no me in between, which is reality just as it is.”



Liberation Unleashed
Liberación Desencadenada