After it has been clearly seen — everything makes much more sense.

“I am not sure it would make any sense to describe this exact thing unless someone has had the first realization — but to describe the first realization and the deepening of it now: the problem is not the self. The problem is that there is no self. If there were, we’d all be fine and everything would work for us pyschologically. But, because everything we are attempting to become and do and all ways in which we relate to others and the world and ourselves ASSUME that there is a separate self at bottom, we are in great conflict, not because it’s selfish or “wrong” or that we should change, but simply because it isn’t true. This false assumption is so deeply unconcious and so central to our interpretation of everything that is happening to us, that we are able to speak about it at great length and still not see that we believe something that is untrue. This assumption must become concious and be examined in the light of reality in order for the truth to be seen. After it has been clearly seen — everything makes much more sense. As far as any further “selfing” — it’s important to continue to confirm that something seeming to be there doesn’t have any impact on whether it really is or not. It’s important to continue to confirm to ourselves that thoughts cannot tell us what is true, no matter what they are (or how they smell : ).”



Liberation Unleashed
Liberation Unleashed (entfesselte Befreiung)