It’s just happening.

“If you write a name on a piece of paper, will the paper be that name? No… If you get a pet and give it a name, will that pet be that name? No… Or will it just be a pet you named in this way? Yes…. Will the pet have been breathing and eating and drinking already before you gave it that name? Yes…. If you yourself had another name, would you still be breathing and eating and drinking? Yes…. So if you had no name at all, would breathing, eating and drinking still be happening? Yes…. Yes, and that’s how it is. We are all breathing, eating and drinking without a name. Breathing, eating and drinking (and everything else) is happening to no one. It’s just happening. No, there’s nothing/nobody behind the experiencing.”



Liberation Unleashed
Liberation Unleashed (entfesselte Befreiung)