With no ‘I’, no ‘me’ there is instead space, which is called FREEDOM.

“I would talk only from my own ‘experience’ of it, as in : I have found there is no one inside myself who is what I thought of as ‘me’. No one who acts, no one who thinks. Only acting, thinking, happening as a flow somehow. No longer is there a concern about what ‘could happen’ or ‘might happen’, simply a curiosity about what IS happening and may or may not continue. I would also say that without that ‘me’ there is no longer any hooking into the story that the ‘me’ thought was real, her past is no longer a past that has any current reality; it is seen as what happened then to someone who was never an ‘I’ but did not know that. I would say that with no ‘I’, no ‘me’ there is instead space, which is called FREEDOM.”

(Source: http://liberationunleashed.com/nation/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=236&start=60)


Liberation Unleashed
Liberation Unleashed (entfesselte Befreiung)