Start pulling at the threads.

“It would be difficult. Someone who has never heard of no self would probably be quite dismissive or give you blank stares if you started to go on about the fact that they don’t really exist! They’d maybe even call the men in white coats! So, I’d probably start off by asking them to try to keep an open mind, bear with me and look at their direct experience. Then start pulling at the threads. Ask them how they decided to do ‘x’. There would probably be a reply about ‘my thoughts’, so I’d ask how they chose which thought came into existence and ask where the thought came from. Then start looking at the rest of the illusion of self – emotions, and other sensations in the body and see if they brought them into existence. I’d ask them about the ‘story of them’ throughout their life and ask if it was real (that seemed to be the clincher for me).”



Liberation Unleashed
Liberation Unleashed (entfesselte Befreiung)