What you are is nameless.

“At a very young age we are told that our body and thoughts are ours. We are given a name and identity. And are led to believe that this identity is in control and is responsible for everything we do. It is an identity solely in thought but it can lead to thought based stories of great tragedy or delight. But LOOK directly at it. The “I” is a thought only, it does not refer to anything in reality. It does not exist in reality. Only as a thought. And you can’t control your thoughts ultimately, they just appear out of nowhere with no author. You can see this just by observation or even better, with the help of someone who has seen through the illusion. The answer to the great yearning of life for fulfillment and satisfaction is not in the mind. It is right here and now, and in seeing through the false apparent reality of the controller me. Without that, life flows more easily, freely, and is free of psychological suffering, through apparent good times or bad. In essence, “you” are not a problem and never were, there is nothing wrong with you. The you that you think you are, you’re not. What you are is nameless. You could call it life itself, or existence or presence or awareness, or nothing. You are already free. It is just a matter of seeing through the thought illusion that makes you think you are in bondage. The bondage is not real. Just a story. You are not a story.”

(Source: http://liberationunleashed.com/nation/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=668&start=15)


Liberation Unleashed
Liberation Unleashed (entfesselte Befreiung)