…it has to be experienced to be valid.

“I wouldn’t be able to describe. I’d lead them to investigate for themselves since it has to be experienced to be valid. I’d start with asking them what a thought is. How would they characterize a thought? Can you touch it, can you hold it, can you show it? When agreed it’s purely abstract, I’d ask if they know where thoughts come from, what decides what thought will come up, if they can keep a thought, where thoughts go when they dissapear etc. Examine in detail how a thought works. And then I’d ask if they can see, hear and notice the thoughts, and if so – who is noticing? And I’d ask if the noticing happens also between thoughts, when there are no thoughts, and if so, is thoughts who they ARE? If there’s something still there noticing…? And then take the discussion from there depending on the answers that come.”



Liberation Unleashed
Liberation Unleashed (entfesselte Befreiung)