There is only the ‘idea’, ‘thought’ that you exist…

“There is only the ‘idea’, ‘thought’ that you exist…when not thinking or formulating into words, past concepts or ideas of what you think or have been raised to believe you are it is impossible to point to anything as ‘you’ because there remains silence, in which there are no words, ideas, concepts or beliefs. But if you are to identify yourself to ‘something’, something that has been referred to with the attaching of a label, it is only so possible when it is secondarary to thought, it is only because you ‘thought’ of it…which is ‘post’ having heard it been put into a word, idea, concept or belief…all of which are just that: words, ideas, concepts and beliefs; there is something prior to all of those things, and that is what you are – nothing”.



Liberation Unleashed
Liberation Unleashed (entfesselte Befreiung)