Please, stop taking yourself so seriously…

“Hey bro, can you please take a minute, just a minute, and listen to me with attention? Please, stop taking yourself so seriously and thinking you’re all that and everything. This is WHY YOU suffer. When in fact, you’re nothing! You don’t even exist at all. That’s right my good friend, YOU are nowhere to be found! Where are you? Can you point me to where you are exactly? Your body? I tell you this is not YOUR body, this is just A body. Your brain? Same thing, just A brain. Your thoughts? No my friend, just thoughts here, they’re NOT your thoughts. Listen my friend, try to remember before that sense of self appeared, try to remember what things were like before you starting looking at the word through what is now known as YOUR OWN eyes… Do you remember? Can you remember? There was just life flowing, in its utter simplicity, just seeing, hearing, touching, feeling, sensing, emotions, just before this innocence was buried under that belief in yourself, in “I” exist and this is “ME” and these are “MY EMOTIONS” and this is “MY LIFE” and so on. This is all fake I tell you. There is no YOU, just like there is no ME, there never was and never will be. YOU, my friend, are a DREAM, a BELIEF, just a THOUGHT in the brain, and because YOU nourish and cherish that dream so much, YOU suffer (when in fact there’s just unnecessary suffering). Let go, surrender, vanish, look at things not through your eyes, but just look, with innocence, and let it be seen that YOU is a cloud, an illusion, let go off it, surrender to this moment NOW, there is NO YOU, nowhere, and see, REALLY SEE that all there is is LIFE, and all its beauty, in all its integrity which can never ever be tainted, in all its perfection, look and see that it is just how it is, how it’s always been, and how it will alway be, EVER. I love you my friend.



Liberation Unleashed
Liberation Unleashed (entfesselte Befreiung)