Sheri (Open) Sky guided by Lucas

After one-pointed focus on various spiritual paths since teenage years (46 years ago) and the past five years heavily practicing Ramana Maharshi's Self-Inquiry and reading/listening to various non-dual teachers, such as Rupert Spira, I felt as if I was standing at the edge of the cliff and needed a push. I stumbled across LU's website and found myself requesting a guide. Luke responded and effectively guided me fairly quickly to seeing.

I felt 100% sure when communicating with my guide, and yet wondered how deeply I was seeing. To my delight, in the subsequent days and now weeks, I have noticed many wondrous shifts and changes. Tenderness of heart and seeing only innocence in those whom I felt critical toward only a few weeks ago. Joy/laughter bubbling up regularly and enjoying sharing a BIG smile with everyone possible. Immense gratitude and generosity surging. A childlike sense of curiosity, wonder and awe about nature, the illusion and "What happened?" A different quality about thoughts, but plenty of thoughts fascinated with the before and after changes. Having no problem or identification with thoughts.

A pervasive sense of peace, even in the presence of periodic tension in the solar plexus area. Some surprise that this area hasn't relaxed, yet moving more to welcoming and befriending the sensation, and curiosity about what wishes to be seen. Part of what pushed "me" over the cliff was seeing that the bodily tension doesn't prove a separate self. Seeing that there is no "senser" or feeler. These come and go on their own. At the same time, benefiting from inquiring as to thoughts/beliefs associated with the tension, seeing that they are not true, and then going to the root to see anew that there is no entity behind all of this. Confidence that the root has been cut and all of this old conditioning and beliefs are gradually dissolving for good.

Much continued benefit from the Enlightening Quotes and Ilona and Elena's books. Gave away quite a few books from my non-duality library as no longer needed. The "k" dropped and there is a shift from seeking to seeing.

I feel like a newborn baby. There appears to be no end to the potential for unfoldment and expansion, and I welcome the support and insights of this group.

Much love,
Sheri (Open) Sky

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