Shane Wilson guided by Elena

As is true for many spiritually motivated people, life had been filled with seeking and searching for the gate to enlightenment. Looking for a way to open that gate once it was found was the goal. For many years there was a great deal of striving to become something more and the idea of acquiring more spiritual knowledge and doing more practices seemed to be the logical solution to find an end to this striving. Of course all of it was desire driven, but now the desire was for the desire-less state. In Theravada Buddhism, this is call Nibbana, in Sanskrit Nirvana, some know it as enlightenment or awakening. When it comes down to it, the best single word we can use is “Freedom”.

When we speak of freedom, several things can come to mind. The opposite of Freedom is imprisonment, which can be looked at as a physical or mental detention or confining. In the area of Buddhism, where I have spent many years practicing as a Theravada Monk and currently as an ordained Buddhist minister. We refer to the fetters or bindings that imprison us to this life of non-contentment, this non-contentment is the motivation that is pushing the seeking and searching. Freedom from this cycle is the end of searching. That is what we seem to wanted more than anything, in my situation I was not finding it through the classical Methods of practice such as the three or more daily hours of meditation that I had been doing or through the study of the scriptures.

Earlier this year I heard of these people who were doing things a little bit different. People were waking up but the method was so foreign to me that I could not believe it could work. People were attaining enlightenment on the internet? People using their computers to wake up in the privacy of their own home or even at the office! People were realizing their true nature in such an abnormal way. I could only imagine what my previous Buddhist teachers would think, some of who where in Thailand and have never even used a computer. I needed to find out more about this. I figured out how to get a message off to Elena Nezhinsky, one of the key people behind this phenomenon. The rest is a story of freedom for many people.

Freedom from what? From the mind made prison that I was living in. Even as a serious practitioner, serious enough to ordain as a Buddhist monk and minister I had not experienced this freedom.

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Liberation Unleashed
Liberation Unleashed